Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All You Zombies Show Your Faces

I got a new splint/brace yesterday that leaves me resembling a Storm Trooper. The huge advantage to the new set up is that I'm a lot more comfortable standing and I can sit comfortably in chairs without armrests. The disadvantage is that pretty much every other position has become exceedingly uncomfortable. So now I get around better, but I can't find a position in which to relax. I feel like a zombie, shuffling around aimlessly. Seeking braaaaiiiiinnnnsssss.....

Which segues nicely into the next topic I wanted to discuss: socialization. Well, it's a good segue because in my humble opinion, socialization without intellect (braaaiiinnns) isn't worth much. And I'm STARVING for some. Tom is occupied with the business of taking care of me, himself, the kids, his job and the house - he hasn't had much time for small talk. Lea is convinced I'm "being lazy" and could really be doing more around here if I put my mind to it. I'm "just using" this injury as an excuse to make her do all the work. I love my daughter, so I won't bother explaining how completely ludicrous this assertion is. Olivia tries to play with me, but hasn't found me to be a very fun playmate. A good deal of our play together still consists of dressing and undressing dolls, and I'm at a place where I just wish I could manage to dress and undress myself. My mother calls several times a day and keeps me somewhat sane (until she starts preaching - then I tend to zone). My sister has called twice. My sisters friend has made the bulk of our dinners (taking some of the burden away from Tom). And that? Is about it.

The lack of human contact in a time when I'm so desperate for it has caused me to go all introspective and I can't find much that I like. Perhaps an extended convalescence will afford me the opportunity to figure out what I can do about that. 8 weeks without driving has pretty much rendered me housebound - I had to give up both jobs for 2 months - they may or may not be waiting for me when I'm ok again. It's a good opportunity, I suppose, to slow down and figure things out.

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