Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good Golly, Miss Molly

Molly, our Golden Retriever, will be turning 9 next week. Yesterday we had her professionally groomed for the very first time. She seems to feel so pretty! She has been sitting up so tall! I am sincerely hoping that this will considerably reduce the amount of shedding she does, because I was really about at my wits end. You could just see fur floating through the air in our house when the sun hit the sky-light just right. So, fingers crossed. Even if that doesn't happen (oh, please, please, please let that happen) she smells really good and her nails look pretty nice. Yay.

Last week Molly started limping, and we couldn't figure out why. We took her to the vet where they took some X-rays. The vet couldn't draw any conclusions based upon the X-rays, so she suggested that if Molly was still limping in a couple days we should have the X-rays sent to a diagnostician who might be able to see something she had missed. A few days passed with no improvement, so we did so. The diagnosticians conclusion? Inconclusive. Over a week (and $800-$900) later, she is still walking on 3 legs (though she's gotten much more proficient at it) and we don't know a thing. Frustrating.

Last year around this time Molly required surgery to remove the bowel obstruction that occurred when she attempted to eat a kitchen sponge. Yummy. Two years ago, around this time again, Molly had to have her stomach pumped because she ate a whole bottle (literally - bottle and pills...) of my thyroid pills. The year before that, she nearly had a heart attack after eating a whole bag of Dove dark chocolates that I mistakenly thought I could put out in a bowl on the table. But at least in regard to these 3 incidents, we knew what caused them, which was, mostly, my negligence. In my defense, she's my first dog. I had no idea they were so - indiscriminate - in their appetites. Even the chocolates, which I can't really fault her for, really, except that she ate the foil wrappers, too. That week was fun in the back yard...

It's a darn good thing she's so cute.

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