Monday, September 29, 2008

Do You Wanna Get Rocked?

Kelley over at Magneto Bold Too! issued a challenge to all of her readers to write a post explaining just how much they rock.

I know I do, because once or twice when students finished writing their course reviews, they left the following two words in the comments section: Tammy Rocks!

I also know because every time I say "yes" to my kids they say, "You rock, Mom!" (never mind what they say when I say no)

I asked my eldest this morning why I rocked ('cause I'm needy like that). She said I rock because I let her "listen to music with bad words in it". I'll accept any nominations for that Mother of the Year award now...

I asked my youngest if she rocked and she said "yep". I asked why and she said, "I don't know. I just do" I asked, "Do I rock?" ('cause I'm still needy like that) and she said, "yep". I asked why and she said, "'Cause you're my mom, silly". Then she kissed me and headed off for school.

So I was left alone with my thoughts. And I thought to myself (I thought): I rock, I know I rock, my rockitude has been confirmed, but I don't really know WHY I rock.

It felt selfish, self-involved and vaguely masturbatory to devote as much time to the question as I did, but doesn't that sort of describe blogging anyway? This is what I came up with:

I rock because I'm a good mom. Not a perfect mom, not a mom who doesn't make mistakes, but a good mom.

I rock because I'm open-minded.

I rock because I try my best to be fair. (and honest, and trustworthy, and brave and prepared...)

I rock because my kids and former students say I rock.

I rock because I know enough to be good to myself (*waves to Karen* - loving the coffees!) sometimes.

For these reasons and others I rock and I rock hard. Feel free to confirm!

Why do you rock?


Bass Is Life said...

You rock the casbah!!!

Kelley said...

My God you rock! And this:

"vaguely masturbatory"

made me snort so much I scared the bunneh.