Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sally O'Malley

So Sally O'Malley and I have something in common. And it's not (just) an amazing camel toe. No, I don't do the splits. And I don't do the kicks.  I wear neither a fabulous red workout outfit nor a spiffy bouffant hairdo. So that only leaves one thing.


I'm fifty years old.

No more "Pushing 50" or "Bumping up on 50" or "Almost 50" - nope - now it's for realzies.

Some people say that means I'm over the hill.  I say, "WooHoo! I hope they're right!" - because when you're over the hill - when you hit the downhill part - well - not only do things get easier, they get a lot more fun.

I could use this space to tell you about the vast amount of knowledge I've amassed during my fifty trips 'round the sun, but that would be pretentious and also imply that I've reached some pinnacle of awareness or something. I have not. As it was when I turned 20 - then 30 - then 40 - I continue to learn and grow and change almost daily. I don't have it all figured out yet. I hope I never do. Getting there is more than half the fun.  Life is a journey - or is life a highway? Or is it a box of chocolates? Or is it a rock? Oh wait, no, that's love. Anyway.


I have found that every decade brings new questions without necessarily revealing answers to the old ones. And that's ok. As Professor Farnsworth figured out, when you've discovered everything there is to discover, there's not much worth going on for. 

I'm ready to hit the next decade strong.

Because one lesson I HAVE learned is this: strong is better than hot. First one to make a hot flash comment, by  the way, gets a punch in the throat. And it won't be fun. I'm stronger than I look. And getting stronger every day.


Eva Gallant said...

Well, I guess a Happy Birthday is in order! I've got 18 years on you, girl! You're just a young chick!

Unknown Mami said...

You are fine like wine! Do you know that I recently posted a picture of "Life is Good" too. I saw it on the back of someones car. Have a good life, my friend.

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday to you! I love your attitude and I still love reading your blog after these last four years. I hope you had a wonderful day. Sally O'Malley has nothing on you girl, or should I say hot old lady? ;-)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Sorry I'm late to the party but I hope it was a fantastic 50th celebration of all thing wonderful about YOU!

xoxo jj