Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring Forward

Everyone who knows me knows that I suffer from SAD (seasonal affect disorder). I start getting a little more depressed as the winter goes on - generally peaking around February (the Great Gray Beast) then getting steadily better. By mid-March I'm usually back to normal - good days and bad days - more good than bad. So I was congratulating myself for making it through February. Last week we had spring weather and bulbs started coming up in my garden. I went to the gym for the first time in probably 5 weeks. Things were looking good. Then this weekend happened! We are buried under more snow than I believe I've seen in the last decade. The weatherman just said it was the biggest storm in Columbus' history. (Really?!? - cause this Pennsylvania girl has seen a LOT worse...) It really feels like the weight of the snow - of the weather - of the winter - is literally holding me down. I have a hard time getting off the couch. I am still in the jammies I wore to bed last night. Everything feels like a bother.

There were so many things we could have done today - those things you never find time to do - but we didn't. We laid on the couch and watched terrible movies because changing the channel would've involved movement and decision making. It was an utter and absolute waste of a day. Olivia enjoyed it a little- she played in the snow and was a little disappointed that none of us would join her. Lea used it as a jumping off point for the latest round of drama and angst.

Tonight we set the clocks forward - Spring has to be just around the corner, doesn't it?

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