Tuesday, January 20, 2009

01-20-09: Hope Over Fear

I had a 1-20-09 button long before President Obama (how good does THAT feel?) even announced his intent to run. I have long been ready for change. When I bought that button, the possibility of that change was still hypothetical. But I needed to hope, and that date (THIS date!!!) gave me something to hope for.

I had intended to write a long and heartfelt entry to commemorate today's historical inauguration . I settled in front of the TV with a notepad in hand, prepared to take notes with just such an end in mind. I knew I was in trouble when tears welled up in my eyes when they introduced the Clintons. Darn it, I was already crying and there was a loooooong way to go! He may be "no-drama-Obama", but that sure isn't what he inspires!

Soon the sketchy notes that I'd managed to make were smeared with tears. I put the notebook down and gave in to the moment. I couldn't find words to write, anyway. The whole situation was just so completely beyond mere words. I was (am) overwhelmed by joy and hope.

He did make it clear that change is not going to be easy and it's not going to be fast. I get that.

But now there's something that's been lacking for years: Hope.

I'll take it.


Kelley said...

The whole world is hoping.

Not only that, we are trusting in him.

Swine said...