Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Very Fangirl Halloween

I usually drive Lea, Liv and Anna to school in the morning. But this morning was Halloween and we all know the rules change a little bit on the holidays. So this morning I was in the company of:


You know him, you love him (and heaven knows, man, woman or alien, he loves you, too) Jack Harkness. 

As portrayed by Liv:

I die for the awesomeness that is her Jack Harkness overcoat.
She's got the attitude.
And the Vortex Manipulator (She made it herself and it houses her cell phone.  Brilliant, no?)

And Supernatural's unconventional super-couple: Dean and Castiel, or, Destiel, as the Fangirls say:


As portrayed by Lea and Anna:

"Oh, hello dere. You are very attractive." "Why thank you. You are not too hard to look at, either."

"Anna!" I said, "What did you do to your pretty face?" "I runed it." Clever girl. She runed her hand, too.

Their love has been to hell and back.
Happy Halloween, friends. From the only photogenic corner of my house to yours.

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Eva Gallant said...

Great photos! Happy Halloween!