Friday, October 5, 2012

Dream Lover

A few weeks ago I attended a bridal shower.  One of the games we played required us to write out the characteristics that would make a perfect husband, then the bride-to-be was to read them and determine which dream husband belonged with which party attendee. I misunderstood the rules. I think I was thinking about cupcakes or something. So I just wrote Benedict Cumberbatch. 

To be clear, I don't really have a crush on this man who is young enough to be my son. But I have a major thing for his Sherlock character.  Same deal with Thor.

And The Doctor.


But now that I better understand the rules, I can -- and would like to -- provide a more thoughtful (and age appropriate) response.

First and foremost, my dream man would be very smart and very funny. These are the two traits which are non-negotiable. He would be clever. Witty. Think Jon Stewart.


It would be great if he were musically talented in addition to being smart and funny. It's a secondary requirement, but a nice one. Think Geddy Lee. So smart. So silly. So freaking talented.


It would be perfect if he could combine the above qualities with a well-defined sense of what is right and the convictions to stand up for it. Think Henry Rollins. Smart, witty, and outspoken spokesperson for all that is good and true and right. Also he is not terribly hard on the eyes.

photo: IMDb

It would be beyond perfection if he was all of those things and would also love me when I was unloveable and get me even when he couldn't understand me. Think Tom Howard. Smart, funny, talented, believer in all that is good and true and right, and, as a bonus, pretty darn easy on the eyes.

photo: Groovy Doodle Photography

I'm a lucky girl.


Eva Gallant said...

I like that....those were good qualities, even though I had never heard of most of the guys...yeah, I'm that old!

Anonymous said...

Lucky indeed!!! And Jon Stewart any day!!! ;)