Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good Day, Sunshine

It's time I came to terms with something - a truism that has been in place since my infancy. an addiction, an affliction, a compulsion, an obsession.

My name is Tammy, and I'm a sun-worshiper.

I rise with the sun, and start my existence. ~ The Partridge Family

Mom says from the time I was wee, I was an early riser. It didn't matter if she put me to bed early or late. If the sun was up; so was I. It's still so. It took me a while to figure out what Mom figured out in my infancy. I'm getting up with the sun no matter what time I go to bed. I'm in a much better mood for this if I go to bed earlier.

When I was a youngin and the collective consciousness did not include terms like SPF and melanoma I played happily from sun-up to sundown sans sunscreen. True - Dad didn't allow us to be out in the 11-2 sun at the beach, but that wasn't to fend off skin cancer. That was just so no one got a bad burn and ruined our whole vacation. I never burned. I went increasingly yummy shades of brown. My Teutonic mother called me her little brown bean.

As a teen I was out by 10 wearing as little as the law (and my mom) would allow. Soaking up that Vitamin D and helping it along with baby oil.

It's a sunshine day - everybody's smilin'. ~ The Brady Bunch

As a young adult I tried really hard to become a night owl, but the pull of the sun was too strong. It never really took.

(Sorry Twilighters, Interview was the shiz!)

Up all night, sleep all day. ~ Slaughter

Big surprise to anyone that I developed SAD (seasonal affect disorder) as an adult? I thought not.

Sunshine go away today. I don't feel much like dancin'. ~ Jonathon Edwards

But hey! None of that now! On accounta today we'll see more sun than any other day this year. Happy Summer Solstice, ya'll!

I'm walkin' on sunshine - and don't it feel good? ~ Katrina and the Waves

***I know, I know, it's Father's Day, too, but my Daddy's (80th, holy cow!) birthday is just a little more than a week away and I've planned to do an homage of sorts to him, then.


Housewife Savant said...

I lurve you Tam. What're we doing UP?

I'm a sun-lover too. Early riser.
Early to bed. And teased about it by the late-nighters in my fam.

Baby oil. With iodine.
Tanning (yes, I still tan, cuz I wanna be brown but it's too dang hot to get enough outdoors.)

And one of this summer's reads for July vacation is "Interview...".
After "Twilight" I need to clear my palate.

We're sisters, if by sisters you mean two people SO COOL God had to seperate us by several states to maintain the curve.

Rocksee said...

Ahh.. well I am a closet sun worshiper.. bite by the sun cancer bug about 8 years ago.


I admire it from the indoors. :)

Tammy said...

My daughter hates to go to sleep if the sun is still up. My son is the same way. They both believe that while the sun is up, they should be to. Hi from the SITStahood.

the girl said...

All the best people are sun people *wink, wink* Although like Rocksee, I generally admire it from afar - my lily-white arse turns lobster red the second it hits the midday sun.

And DITTO to Housewife Savant's Twilight palate-clearing plans, although I'm sticking with Stoker on this one. If I were about ten years younger, I'd have loved Twilight, though.

Now GO TO BED, woman! 3:00am is far too early (late?) to be blogging!

Melissa B. said...

Stopping by from SITS to Share Some Sunday Comment Love...AND the chance at a $50 Target Gift Card!

Sir Hook of Warrick aka "David K Wells" said...

Happy Summer Solstice! I've been a morning person my whole life too. The problem is, the older I get the more I stay up late and still get up early. I guess I'm trying to squeeze every drop of life out of this Sponge Bob Body!

You'll have to read my blog today to see why I say, as a father, it's a through away day...especially up against Summer Solstice! That's like putting Urkel in the ring with George Foreman...No Contest!

Enjoy the "Sunshine of Your Love"!

Sir Hook the Son of the Sun of a Sailor of Warrick


As long as I have 75 SPF I too can be a sun worshipper. But truth be told I think I would rather skip the sun, skip being a night owl and just sleep; you can still enjoy the view from the window. (do my eyes need to be open) hahaha

Anita said...

I loved this post, and dang I even listened to the Brady's....yikes.
I'm a different kind of sun worshiper, the kind that sleeps til 8 or 9 when I can, and then enjoys a cool drink at the beach or pool. I love the sun, love to get a little tan. I did the baby oil or Hawaian Tropic oil.......that smell still likes me back.......what was SPF?
Enjoyed this so much.

Sandy said...

Up before the sun, that's me. Almost never go back to sleep once I'm awake. Not a sunworshiper like you tanners (I'm a redhead, already one one basal cell thingy) but I sure do feel better when the sunshines. And I so wish it would today!

Pam said...

I wish I was a morning person. But, I'm more like Anita. I like to sleep in in the morning. I do love to spend time at the beach, but I'm usually under an umbrella after a short amount of time in the sun. But I still love sunny days.

kel said...

I love the sun, but I am terrified of wrinkles! I've always got a few and I am fighting them with all I've got!!!

MiMi said...

My computer says you posted at 3 a.m. Maybe it was 6 here...? I'm hopin'. Happy Looooongest day of the year, sunny lady! : )

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

"Up with the sun, gone with the wind"...that's me. Definite early bird, despite my best efforts, like you, to be a night owl.

After years spent baking in the sun, now I avoid it like the plague. I'm pasty white and I like it. :)

Alex the Girl said...

Fighting, kicking, screaming...yes...I'm up with the sun as well. But I'm a night owl at heart.

Your post had me singing Donovan all day long. How much does it cost? I'll buy it....He can't even live his own life I'll be damned if he'll live miiiiiiinnnnneeee.....Sunshine!