Monday, September 28, 2009

By Any Other Name

Sorry about the whinefest yesterday - hope you all had cheese!

How awesome is it that instead of rolling your eyes and becoming annoyed with me you all sent me great suggestions and well wishes instead? What a loverly land the blogosphere is.

All the support led to a refreshed attitude today - I'm ready to take on boredom with a sword and a cape. You know, from my couch where I'll be taking it easy. And maybe ordering a cape. Capes are cool. But the sword will probably remain figurative. I wouldn't want to cut anything off and have to convalesce again.

Sooooo. So the new season of 'Saturday Night Live' started up this weekend. It is a much anticipated event in our household as I have been a fan (a BIG fan) from day one. (Yes, I am aware of the fact that that makes me old. Well excuuuuuuuse me.) I have been a fan through the dark eras - always knowing the light would shine again. The hubs is a fan. The kids are fans (And yes, I have turned them on to the old stuff, too.) If Saturday night's offering was any indication, we are heading into a dark era again. A very dark era indeed. We need Justin Timberlake, stat. Preferably in a cape. Bring it on back to humorville. I laughed once and gasped once. In an hour and a half. That is not sufficient. Not at all.

The gasp? When the brand spankin' new girl on her very first show ever dropped an f-bomb on live TV.

I miss Casey and Mikaela (Bish pleeeeze).

But that's not where I intended to go with this.

The one moment I laughed was during Weekend Update, when Seth used two of my go-to funniest words in one joke. He showed us that they're developing new underpants for left handed men, so that the opening will make things, um, easier. His line: No one uses the wiener slot.

The joke was moderately funny, at best. But those words - underpants and wiener - make me giggle every time. Not the concept of them. I'm not twelve (an arguable point, perhaps). The words themselves. They're funny words.

Panties, too. Not as funny as underpants, but pretty funny.

When I was in pre-op, one of the nurses who came to call on me told me to recover quickly so I could go right out and buy myself a pair of pretty panties. Panties is funny, but pretty panties - for some reason - cracked my stuff up. It came from her lips, but my ears heard Spongebob. Her eyes did that Spongebob thing, too. You know. Where he grows eyelashes and they sparkle? Preeettttty paaaaanties. I may or may not have been under the influence of hospital drugs at the time.

'Tis a gift to be simple, and I have been generously gifted indeed.

My dad used to call pancakes and beans pannies and beans. I adopted the first part for quite a long stretch there, paying homage to my dad and not really hearing it. One morning the girls called me on it and pointed out that calling their breakfast 'panties' was unappealing. Well, yeah - I guess so! (Until you add fresh maple syrup. Then you could pretty much call them festering sores and I'd still find the appeal. What's in a name?) They've been pancakes ever since.

So are there any words that just crack your stuff up?

My girls are getting the ball rolling with 'hobo' and 'afro'...


kyslp said...

I'm sure there are but my brain hasn't warmed up yet this am. It will take another pot of coffee for that to happen.

I had a bad feeling about this season of SNL. Last minute cast cuts, Megan Fox on the first episode. Always trust your intuition - it. was. not. good. I'll probably keep watching though. Le Sigh.

Sandy said...

I'm an on-again, off-again fan of SNL. I haven't been faithful through what you call the dark eras. I watched the beginning on Saturday and was not amused. I think you are right...Dark Era straight ahead.

When I was a kid, Saturday night dinner was often beans and franks....or as my friend Gisele calls them...Beanie Weenies.

Kathy B! said...

Different words get me going depending on my mood.

But. Thanks for getting that stupid song stuck in my head:

"tis a gift to be simple,
tis a gift to be freeee..."


Anita said...

for some reason "balls" just makes me crack up, and for a SNL reference, we must defer to Alex Baldwin, and his Schwetty Balls..........I thought I'd wet my pretty panties that night!!!

Gibby said...

Pupil and breast buds. Those are my words.

And JT + SNL? Pure genius!

MiMi said... do they go up hills where they rock and down in the valleys where they suck. BUT, I think Seth is super cute, so I guess that makes up for it.
Weiner makes me laugh.
I'm with Anita on schwetty balls...balls cracks me up.
Geez, there are so many words that inappropriately crack me up and I can't think of a one!
Borat calls a vagina a "vagine" and that cracks me up. Poop and fart get me. Moron is a good one.

Anonymous said...

It was pretty lame! I feel bad for the poor new girl. But...a lot of people are talking about it!! Words that make me giggle...nuts and balls. I know, I'm 10.

Cassie said...

Twig and giggle berries always makes me laugh. As does the word fetch ala Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls.

Unknown Mami said...

You cracked me up with this one. Let me tell you why. See when you mentioned pannies and beans it made me laugh because pannies sounds like panties and because my husband refers to a certain part of the female anatomy as a "bean". He might not mind having panties and beans for breakfast.

Sassy Chica said...

Douche Bag....or for the sophisticated D'Bag...everytime I hear a man call another man a D'bag it cracks me up!

Sassy Chica

blueviolet said...

I haven't watched SNL in so long. But, I know it takes a while to warm up to a new cast and for a new cast to warm up. Hopefully it will get better??

SparkleFarkle said...

Your words crack me up!

Here's some stolen, Farkle family words I can share: Whoever comes through the front door calls out "I'm home, can of corn!" (I once worked with a guy who, when he was little and just getting home from schoool, would say that line to his deaf grandma, instead of saying, "I'm home, Grandma Dorn!" She always replied with a happy "Hello! Now go wash up fer suppie!")

Jenni Jiggety said...

Underpants is a VERY funny word...

I FELL ALSEEP before SNL started because I am old. :-(

WhisperingWriter said...

Oh, I love the old SNLs. I wasn't alive then but I watch them on DVD and I just crack up.

mama-face said...

I cannot think of words that make me laugh...maybe just words used out of context. There are a lot of words for me that are like the screech of fingernails on a chalkboard whenever I hear them.

I was wondering what meds you were on when you wrote this? :0 JK.

Mr. Bill, The Coneheads, I'm a Wild and Crazy Guy, Church Lady, cheeseburger, just a few fond memories.

I like Kristen Stewart from the new shows...the rest; meh.

Badass Geek said...

I heard about the f-bomb. Couldn't believe one would jeopardize their career like that on their first appearance.

carma said...

We are big SNL fans, too. This weekend's episode was almost grueling to watch. The skit on the airplane?? yawn...

You are totally correct. When JT hosted last time I said to my husband that no other host can make every single skit that he is in amusing -- but JT can...He is so multi-talented. Thinking he should try out some comedic movies instead of the dramas he's been acting in.

He is a comic genius :D IMHO

Hit 40 said...

I liked the SNL skit with the two airheaded airline stewardesses. Overall, SNL was off to a decent start for a new season. DEXTER OF COURSE STILL ROCKS!! Maybe, we could send Dexter over to slice and dice a couple SNL folks for fun.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Capes ARE cool. What color is yours going to be :-)
Hang in there honey!

FranticMommy said... know as in "most of my coworkers are turballs".
That one always makes me smile

Weiner is always a winner and there's jujst something endearing about a 6 year old saying "dinger".

But the BIG question is, so, did you buy the "pretty panties"????

JennyMac said...

I have it on DVR and have not watched it although I read about the launching of the F bomb in the news.

MaryRC said...

I think the only short stories book ive ever ever read was the one by stephen king with the running man in it..

i dont know who you think your calling bored, i might have to call my friend tammy to come and kick your ass... talkin crap like that...

MaryRC said...

i love pannies.. i think you should resume the phrase in the name of torturing your children.

im a fair weather SNL fan, of course fair weather is my fan middle name of anything im a fan of..

except disneyland

more cowbell..
wookin pah nub, in all da wong paces..
are you lookin at my bum?
kawfee tawlk..
you put yur weed in it..

Together We Save said...

I have not see SNL in years but I maybe I will have to check it out again.


anything to do with poop and weasel oh yeah, urine and crotch

Alicia said...

i love the word cracks me up!! and i heard megan fox was a flop on saturday....i don't like her anyway!

thatgirlblogs said...

you're a top commenter on my blog! just posted your ranking on my sidebar.

anywho, you don't wanna know the words I laugh at...

Vivienne said...

I just watched that SNL on the DVR last night. Not funny. Even U2 disappointed. The underpants/weiner slot on W.U. was the only time I laughed too.
WTF with the airline/bimbo bit?
Bad, bad, bad.
I miss Gilda. (I'm old too.)

(I do not like the word panties. Or moist.) ew. (Together is really bad.)

Swine said...

True confessions... I watched SNL because of Megan Fox. Sometimes when a new hottie appears I really want her to be ultra talented so I can justify my drool. Ummm... she sure is purdy, huh?

Weasel. Weasel is usually pretty funny.