Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To Every Passion, There is a Season

I have been working like a thing possessed to finish up some knitting projects. While I am passionate about both knitting and reading all year, I tend to be a voracious knitter in the winter and a voracious reader in the summer. Not that either of those passions are seasonal, it's just how I've always approached both of them.

Knitting in the winter works for me for a couple reasons. The obvious one is, it's darn pleasant to have knitting on your lap when it's cold outside. Even if I'm working on small projects that won't fall all the way to my lap, there's something comfortable and warm about the yarn, the rhythmic clicking of the needles, the knowledge that when the work is complete it will provide warmth for me or someone I love. That's not always accurate, as I do make purses and summer items, as well, but even when it's not exactly true, that feeling prevails. Let's go for the stretch and say that if it won't warm their body, it might warm their soul. I do subscribe to the notion that there's "a kiss in every stitch" in that if I'm making something for someone, I tend to think about them pretty constantly while I'm working. I like to think they catch some of that energy when they receive something I've made.

The less obvious reason is: I like to watch TV. I know that's an unpopular thing to say. It would be better to say, "TV? We don't even keep one in the house." I wish I could say that sometimes, but I can't. There is a certain almost mystical air around those who have given it up. I hear those words and my head cocks, like they've just told me they were part wood imp or something. REally? How does one DO that?

I do watch a lot less TV now than I used to. A whole lot less, actually. But there are shows I like. I don't allow myself to love shows anymore, because my love is the kiss of death. (Arrested Development, anyone? Pushing Daisies? I mentioned Arrested Development, right? Still a little bitter about that...) I don't do Reality TV. None of it. I tried it a couple times. Someday maybe I'll tell you the Bo Bice story if you're very sweet to me, but not today. Nope, not my cup of tea.

But I digress. TV. I watch. I used to watch a lot, now I watch a little, but I watch.

And when I watch, I knit. Because to just sit there seems like such a waste of time. I think I would become horribly bored and I know for sure I'd feel guilty about being non-productive. So I knit.

But TV season is basically over! Thanks to DVR's there's no real reason for me to watch reruns. It's time to set the knitting aside and dive headfirst into that big list of books I've been compiling.

Because summer is for reading like winter is for knitting. My favorite reading spot is - um - outside. Period. I love to read in my lounge chair that was bought just for that purpose. I love to read on the deck. I love love love reading on the beach. Which is not the same as saying I like a beach read (which I'll admit, I sometimes do). I have never had any trouble reading weighty stuff as well as fluffy stuff on the beach. I love to read by the pool. I love to read under a tree. Love love love reading outside.

And with the exception of Monk and Psych (Are they coming back soon? They should be coming back soon, right?), in the summer, there's nothing on TV.


Pam said...

I, too, like to watch TV (shh, don't tell anyone), which I why I can't get as much reading done from Sept - May. But, all my shows are ending within the next two weeks so there won't be anything to keep me away from my books!

Bass Is Life said...

Once, in an effort to force myself to like the beach, I decided to take a book. I like to read at home, right? Surely I'll like reading at the beach. So I grabbed the next book in the stack and went to the beach. It didn't take too long for me to realize there are too many distractions at the beach to read Thomas Pynchon.

As for TV, it's a love/hate relationship. I hate myself for loving it so.

Anita said...

I enjoy TV, I'm hooked on a few series, but I can't seem to use my DVR for the ones I can't seem to catch. We were huge House fans, but then we didn't have time, so I started to DVR them, but then that was getting clogged up, so maybe we might catch them in summer.
I too love to read at the beach, I can completely get lost in it!

Alex the Girl said...

I refuse to love a show too, Tammy. Deadwood (canceled) Carnivale (canceled) Pushing Daisies (canceled) Ergh. What's the point!?! Pam needs to start watching True Blood. It starts up again June 14th~

As for a reading spot. When I find the book I want to read, I read everywhere. In bed, outside, inside, at the supper table, in the living room, back in bed...wherever whenever nowever. And sometimes, unfortunately, when the right book strikes...the whenever seems to flow in a 24 hour period. Can't put it down, but hate to finish it.

Jenny Penny said...

Arrested Development. Yes, grrrr on that one. I loved that show. We are a little bit wood impish when it comes to TV, as in having only the most basic of cable (home shopping, anyone? Telemundo?). I get depressed when I watch too much TV, for reasons I can't quite explain. Reading, though? I'm all over that. I'd love to have a nice comfy outdoor chair in which to do my reading. What will you be reading this summer? I'm reading the Corrections and am loving it! Share your picks sometime!

Brooke said...

i don't have cable,so there is even less on tv in the summer for me! i'm reading about a book a week now. after the finales i'm sure it'll be more.

Gibby said...

I read a lot more in the summer, too. My in-laws have a cottage in Wisconsin, and when we manage to get up there, the entire place just begs me to read. I love it. Plus, there is no wireless up there, so I can't hang with my computer, which is a good thing.

As for TV, well, I've already professed my love. And yes, I have a soft spot for reality shows. Mostly because they are like a train wreck that you just can't look away from.

But my fave drama...Friday Night Lights. I get so sad when that show finishes for the season.

mama-face said...

We could definitely watch some TV together and share some books. Arrested Development, I still cry over that one.

My favorite summer show...So You Think You Can Dance. I can't help it, somewhere in me is a dancer.

But ditto on Psyche and Monk...yeah!

carma said...

I like that you have discovered a good way to make watching TV productive. I need to do that :D
Also, did you see that you are featured as my Comment of the Week? And how did I miss your wonderful tribute to your mother?
carma :-)

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

I don't watch that much TV anymore, either, but I do have some shows I love. I also can't stand to just sit there doing nothing, so that's when I usually read magazines and look at cookbooks. Knitting sounds so much more productive.

And I also love to read outside in my backyard. Especially in the early morning when it's quiet and the temperature hasn't yet risen to the unbearable point. So relaxing.