Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Clothes Make the Man. And the Woman.

When I first started waiting tables at the pizza shop, I was very nervous - always looked harried even when I wasn't (or shouldn't have been) - you get the picture. I was an old dog trying to learn a new trick. Then came Halloween and we decided to dress up. I bet you could guess what I dressed up as. I've given you enough hints.

It ain't easy, living like a gypsy...
Gypsies tramps and thieves...
I'm the gypsy - the acid queen...

I wish I resembled the first.
I only represent 66 odd% of the second (I've never stolen anything...)
The third was just thrown in for the power of three. (Honest.)

But I've digressed.

I donned my gypsy garb and was suddenly confident, competent and charming.

Even my boss noticed the difference.

It's true that when we get dressed up, we fall into the character that we're portraying. Well, it's true that I do, anyway. I read an article once that said your favorite Halloween costume - as a child or an adult - said a lot about who you were, or who you wanted to be.

Gypsy, or a pirate variation thereon, have always been my go to costumes of choice. I can usually pull either of those together on any given day out of things that get regular wear in my closet. I have bad hair - I like headscarves. I have big hips - I like long loose skirts. I have a good deal of estrogen - I like bling. What can I say?

I hadn't meant to spend so much time talking about Halloween in July.



I wanted to talk more about everyday dress-up.

Take yesterday, for example.

I was feeling Down. Frumpy. Old. Useless.

I'll stop.

No-one wants to visit that tangent...

So I looked at my wardrobe options.

I could dress to reinforce - and indulge - those feelings, or I could dress to fight them.

I opted for the latter.

I pulled out a pretty new maxi dress I'd been 'saving'. I would've saved it all summer and that would've been a darn shame. 'Cause it's a pretty dress. And you know what looks good with a pretty dress? A pretty summer maxi sundress? Well a big sunhat, duh. I told you I have bad hair. Sometimes I wonder if you're even listening. Sigh. I put on the hat and looked in the mirror. Almost... THERE we go! Big sunglasses FTW.

It looked good.

I had nowhere to go.

Then I realized I didn't HAVE to go anywhere.

I went to my deck - the only part of my house that I love - in my dress and my hat and my shades and I read.

I felt positively elegant. (I wasn't)

When I went to have cocktails (read: beers on the patio) later with friends (sans hat and sunglasses, as it was approaching dusk) I started lamenting on my dental and financial woes. My brilliant sister said, "We should get you on extreme makeovers! Then you'll get all the dental work free! And a bunch of other stuff, too!" On a day when I was feeling less elegant, I might have taken offense at how quickly they started rattling off the list of things that a show like that could do for me... but it was my day to be elegant, so it was water off a duck. A fancy duck. Then one said, and all agreed, that they couldn't send my picture in in that dress, though - because it was too darn pretty and wouldn't garner enough sympathy to result in all my free upgrades.


It worked!

Dress the part/play the part.

I think today I'll be a princess.
(don't hold your breathe for pics)
Girls! Fetch Momma her tiara!


The Blonde Duck said...

My standard costume (and favorite today) was a princess- specifically Sleeping Beauty. I wonder what that says about me?

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day! I hope you return to the Pond!

Housewife Savant said...

If my best day is a day when I would likely be TURNED DOWN for Extreme Makeover I am satisfied.

My best Halloween look would be an aging, tight-a** WASP.

Alex the Girl said...

And you can always tie bells to your hips to accentuate the bada bam you have going on there...oh wait..that would be me. When my girls and I would attend the ren festivals, we'd always pick the gypsy/pirate theme.

Once I realized that I would enjoy the festivals much more sans costume, they started dressing as gypsies/pirates/fairies, and I'd wear jeans.

You should have included piiiiicccttttuuurrres...

Now I've got cher's voice stuck in my head.

Did the costume inspire your customers to lay their money down?

Jenni Jiggety said...

Love it! I think we all should have tiaras.

I have dental woes, too. Bah.

MiMi said...

That's a great idea! I don't usually dress up to feel better, but sometimes I'll spend A LOT of time on my makeup. Leave no blemish uncovered, things like that.
And do my hair. Which I never do, cuz it doesn't listen to me anyway.

Grand Pooba said...

Haha, you are one fancy duck! Your waitressing dress-up story reminds me of that episode of 90210 where Brenda dresses in 50's garb to waitress at the peach pit.

Don't act like you never watched 90210, I know you did.

Your day on the deck sounds heavenly!! What a good idea, when I'm home and dressed like a homeless person, I don't get very inspired. So tonight I'm gonna try it. I'm gonna get all fancy your ass!

(Not in a gross sorta way)

Sandy said...

You're amazing! My absolutely FAVORITE Halloween costume year after year was a gypsy!! Felt so swirly girly and sexy! (didn't know sexy then but realize now) A few years ago Paul and I were invited to a costume party and I decided to make our duds and we went as a pirate & wench! Just a gypsy in another location.


Unknown Mami said...

Yay! I so agree with you. Dress the part baby and don't "save" stuff for special occasions. Life is a special occasion.

I feel you on the dental woes. I could write posts for the rest of my life on all my dental woes.

Melissa B. said...

What a wonderful idea! My deck is a sanctuary, of sorts, but I've never thought to dress up before I go out there. BTW, your mention of Gypsies, tramps, et al, put me in mind of Cher. I was watching Fox News yesterday (OK, I admit it. I sometimes watch Fox, even though my hubz calls it Fox Noise), and the anchor resembled Cher...from the hair to the eyebrows to the shape of her face and her mouth. Well, a young Cher...not the one we sometimes see these days. But I digress...thanks for the memory!

WhisperingWriter said...

Oh, I would love to wear a tiara on a daily basis. said...

a great idea, I should be doing it

thanks for stopping by from SITS


the girl with the pink teacup said...

Slow again (my bad!)

The power of a gorgeous dress in boosting a girl's self-esteem is almost unparalleled. I'd say the only thing that beats it is a new pair of heels ;) And I'm guessing that Extreme Makeover would turn you down every day, Tammy - you're one hot mama!

Nice call on the gypsy costume for Halloween. We don't celebrate it here in Australia, but if we did, I think I'd have to go for some kind of pirate-related costume, too. All the cool kids do!

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