Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Thankful for Cliches

I know, I know - a post about thankfulness at the end of November? - does it GET any more cliche?

But here's the thing: cliches become that way for a reason. So is thinking about the things for which I am thankful around Thanksgiving week ground-breaking stuff? No, of course not. But is it relevant? Does it make sense? I think the answer here becomes a resounding yes.

Even the things I'm thankful for are cliche - I'm thankful for my wonderful husband, my beautiful healthy children, my home, my deep friendships (and my shallow ones, too!), and at this point, I know, you're hearing blah, blah blah. This stuff has been said a million times before, by people both more and less eloquent than I.

But there's a reason these things are cited so often by so many people. Ask anyone who's lived without a couple of them.

The love of a significant other, our health, our relationships; all of these things are easy to take for granted. It's a good thing to really think about how important these things are, how much they mean to us, how truly, truly thankful we are for them. If it takes a holiday in November to make us slow down and do it, so be it.


Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

Having lived through some difficult times, I can truthfully say that love and health are the MOST IMPORTANT things in the whole wide world and anyone that says any different are spoilt brats.

SO there.


I am thankful that you are thankful.

Oh and I am truly deeply thankful for wine. And cheese.

bassislife said...

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention here how thankful I am for the author of this blog. Thankful on so many levels.

mommakin said...

Aw, you just made me squeeee just a little...

Thanks, honey!