Sunday, December 20, 2009

Don't Be SAD!

There's nothing like holiday cheer to offset devastating seasonal affective disorder

I saw this on someecards (What a fun, fun site, by the way. If you're not already killing time and/or sending ecards to your friends from there you should be) and thought - "Well, yeah. That about sums it up." After Friday's whinefest and the overwhelming support I received I thought I'd go ahead and share publicly what I shared with a few of you privately. It's SAD (seasonal affective disorder) pure and simple. It starts every year right around this time and hangs out making things as miserable as it can until the sun sees fit to shine more brightly on a more regular basis. It affects me every year, yet every year it manages to catch me by surprise. Once the beast has been recognized and named, it is easier to deal with (a little) but that first bout with it always throws me for a loop.

So in the midst of wondering how I'm going to accentuate the positive while minimizing (if not eliminating) the negative, Allyson at Magnolias and Mimosas gave me this loverly award.

Now some of you may be saying (and quite justifiably so) "Hey! *I* gave you an award! Ooooo weee - what up with that? What up with that?" (if you really did say/sing that, I would seriously have been so impressed...) Truth is, I proudly accept most awards and post them to my awards page, but rarely comply. It's the passing on part. I hate the passing on part. But this one asked the recipient to list ten things that made them happy, and I thought, given my recent sad SAD indulgences that that would perhaps be a good exercise for me to attempt. Besides, it has cupcakes.

So, without further ado, ten things that make me happy right now (because if I were writing this list yesterday or tomorrow, it might be different) in alphabetical order. Because that makes sense to me.

* Blank journals
* Books that make me cry and movies that make me laugh
* Good tequila
* Laughing so hard you forget exactly what you were laughing about
* Muscle cars (That does NOT, by the way, make me a car chick, Tom)
* Someone else doing the dishes
* Spring flowers in the winter
* Sunrises
* Swedish fish
* Tight guitar solos (that go to eleven)

And while we're counting and smiling, here's a little ditty about censorship and counting that my daughter shared with me this morning. Not that censorship makes me smile. It does not. But this video did.

Did I skip out on the passing along part? Oops! It would appear I did! Here's the thing: as I said, I hate the passing along part. So if you would like to share ten things that make YOU happy right now, consider yourself tagged!


Allyson said...

I LURVE your list! I'm so familiar with SAD and it always hits when the sun (when it chooses to rise) sets around 5:15 every evening. It destroys my soul. I'm also familiar with PMS which caused me to collapse into a sobbing, heaping puddle that smelled a lot like bourbon last week. Either way, I'm glad you played along. And I was thrilled to discover you from SITS and I truly do check your blog daily because you make me laugh, smile and nod in metal-head-thrashing agreement.

BONNIE K said...

Good list! I'm with you on the Swedish Fish, but they must be ALL RED.

Mike said...

Everything that I read up until the video, I forgot! I was laughing so hard at that!

I had to go back and read again!

I love a good guitar solos! "Sweet Child o' mine" is a good one. "Over the Mountain" has another one.

Cassie said...

LOVE me some Swedish fish. I suffer from a mild form of SAD too but have found that going to the tanning bed once in a while, even if I don't get in just sit in the chair beside the bed with those goofy goggles on makes me feel worlds better. Thinking I may take you up on your not a real pass pass it on and post my 10 too. Don't let the gray drag you down,

Sorry that you feel that way
The only thing there is to say
Every silver lining's got a
Touch of grey

I will get by
I will get by
I will get by
I will survive

Pam said...

Sometimes thinking about things you are happy about/grateful for can help with a funk. I hope it helped you. At least a little bit.

Unknown said...

Hey Tammy...we'll pick you up whenever you feel SAD!

But seriously, my best friend suffers from this, also, and I miss her so during the winter months because she holes up in her house. I try to help her but end up feeling helpless. I just keep in touch and wait for her to come back come spring. God bless you.

Unknown said...

Nice list! love the muppets!

Tracie said...

I was analyzing myself the other day (in between crying jags and screaming fits) and I think I might have a touch of SAD, too. The dreary weather isn't helping things either. I'll bet that's what was wrong with the Grinch!

Masala Chica said...

I definitely have SAD. But then I think I just might be bitchy year round because the humidity upsets me too.


I love rock and roll. I also am with everyone on the swedish fish.

Mama-Face said...

Oh, Tammy, it's even clearer to me now why I love you so.

Learning to laugh at SAD might be the cure. I can't imagine getting to that point though. sigh.

Excellent list. I might consider myself tagged if I can work up the energy.


gayle said...

Loved your list!!! Seems like so many suffer with SAD. Glad you are feeling a little better!!

Melissa B. said...

The Count is my Main Man. And one question about the Muscle Cars: Mustang, GTO or Camaro? Just wondering...

Joanna Jenkins said...

That is a great list Tammy, but what the heck is Swedish Fish?!?! From the comments I think I'm missing out big time. I've never heard of it.

Keep writing the happy lists-- I hope it made you feel better.


Melissa B. said...

PS...more bling headed your way today. Don't be sad, be GLAD!

Attention, Kmart Shoppers!

JennyMac said...

swedish fish? YUM YUM YUM!

Badass Geek said...

That Count video is so freaking hilarious.

MaryRC said...

i had the count cranked all the way to eleven. NOT a louder ten. I had nigel hair once, it was a REALLY REALLY bad hair cut and only about 6 years ago.. really bad.. books that make you cry...

did you read 1000 white women?

Together We Save said...

Just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Santa Claus said...

Ho Ho Ho!! Merry Christmas!! From me and my buddy Otin

Claudya Martinez said...

Blank journals and Swedish Fish are the bomb diggity, so are you. I hate the passing along too.

Becky said...

It is crazy here in Ohio when it is 5pm and already dark! Ugh! I'm so sorry that you are dealing with that:(

I love your list. Now what was Count saying?? Is the joke on me? Am I that dumb? Surely he wasn't saying what I think he was saying?

Stacy Uncorked said...

Your list ROCKS! :) I'm the same way about awards... ;)

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas, Tammy! :)

Sandy said...

Wow, what a GREAT list! Can I just cut and paste? Again, I know I'm late here but I hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

you need to live here babe. Sunshine all year round. And ME!

I suck at awards too, cause you always end up offending someone. So easier to offend the person who passed it to you (even if you thank them profusely - some never ever speak to me again!) than every single reader that didn't get named.

Macey said...

LOVE your list, Tammy! Hey, I was thinking, that duche bag couldn't remember Tammy but he remembered Tom? My not just think Tom and Tam. Tammy. DUH! Anyway, sorry.
You are not alone with SAD. We have it every stinking year. From about November to April. :(