Friday, August 27, 2010

Something Cool (For my Heart of Squealy Fangirl Hearts)

Ok, first let me tell you something NOT cool: I am STILL sans camera, so there are no pictures to accompany this post and that is a damn shame. We'll just have to rely on my words and your imaginations and hope that both are up to the task.

Remember a couple weeks ago when I told you about the Heart concert and Lea's panic attack and the a-hole security folks? Two days after I posted that, I got an email from someone within the Heart organization. Wait - let me backtrack. We were at the shore for a couple days - it was one of those vacations where we didn't really sleep in the same bed more than two nights in a row. (Kind of like grad school, but with less tequila.) At the destination farthest from our home, and two days after the concert fiasco, we had tire trouble. As we were wasting precious shore time in the waiting room of the garage I decided to check my email.

"OhmyGodOhmyGodOhmyGod!" I squeed quietly, trying to stay cool in front of all of the other patrons of the Atlantic City Pep Boys - wouldn't want to lose face in front of total strangers in a garage, you know.

"What?" Tom asked with widened eyes - clearly afraid that I was going to cross that line and make us look foolish. I handed him my phone.

It was an email from someone within the Heart organization. Apparently someone had posted a link to my humble little blog on one of their fan pages. She expressed sympathy that our concert experience had been sub-par and asked for the name of the venue so that they could send a strongly worded letter. She also asked for my address so that she could send me 'something cool'.

Something cool arrived today. Cool, cool, cool.

A yellow mailing envelope had been stuffed into my mailbox and the squeeing began the moment I saw the return address. I was tearing it open on my way in to the house, fingers trembling. The fine folks at Heart sent me a beautiful T-shirt, a tote bag (and we all know - I LOVE me some bags!!!!!) and an autographed picture.

I am awash in squealy fangirl glee. The T is white with a cool angel motif. The bag is from the 30th anniversary of the release of Dog and Butterfly (30 years??? THAT can't be right...) and the autographed picture is - well - it's Ann and Nancy. How could THAT not be gorgeous?

They have a new album - CD - release - coming out on Tuesday. We were lucky enough to hear one song from it before we had to leave the concert and let me just say - from what I heard - my girls and their band are in good form. So that will be entering MY collection, for sure. It's titled Red Velvet Car and - in her pre-song banter - Ann described a red velvet car as (I'm paraphrasing) that friend you can wake from a deep sleep and say 'pick me up' and they jump out of bed and come to your rescue, no questions asked.

Friends like that restore your faith in humanity, don't they?

Organizations like Heart's do that, too. They didn't owe me a darn thing. The email alone thrilled me to my squealy fangirl core. That someone found my little blog - and went to the trouble of linking it - and someone else went to the trouble of contacting me - it was enough. It was more than I'd ever dreamed of in my heart of squealy fangirl hearts. But they went further. They didn't have to do that, but they did.

I'll have to think of a way to pay this forward.

I'm going to bed tonight confident in the knowledge that (at least some) people are good.


Unknown said...

How uber cool is that! Congrats!

Cheryl said...

I'm squeeing along with you! This is almost as cool as watching the Blue Angels VIP performance today. Um, yeah, I was on the backside of the airfield with all the other yokels but hey, we saw it.

Gibby said...

O. M. G!!!!!!!!!!
That is fan-freaking-tastic! Seriously, I haven't heard anything that cool in a while. Good for you!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I have goosebumps! Seriously! That is possibly the coolest thing I have ever heard.

MaryRC said...

Woo hoo! I'm sorry your girly had a panic attack. I'm so jeally bout your reach out. There is NO other Anne!!

Pam said...

Wow! That is awesome! I'm so glad they followed through with their promised surprise. No wonder you're squealy.

Sandy said...

Un-freaking-believable!! That is so cool. Will the wonders of cyberspace never cease??

Anonymous said...

That is truly fantastic. Awesome!!