Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sleeping in Hotels

I didn't sleep in a hotel until I was 15.  It's not that I wasn't well-traveled, I had just done all of my previous traveling in a camper.  When I was 15, though, my high school marching band took a trip to Disney World and I knocked "fly in a plane" and "sleep in a hotel" off the bucket list.  I shared my room with three other girls.  The first morning - I made my bed.  My roommates teased me, but I thought the joke was on them.  They said a maid would take care of it.  Right.  A maid.  For a bunch of high school kids.  Oh, that was rich.

To my great surprise and delight, they were correct.

Well I'll be.

Since then I have traveled less than most and more than some, I'd say.  I've stayed in the nastiest of nasty rooms as well as the poshest of posh.  Because I do travel less than most, though, I have maintained some (thankfully not ALL) of the innocence I displayed in that first room when I was 15.  I jumped on the beds until I was well into my 20's.  I will spare you the story of the first time I stayed in a room with a bidet. I open every closet, cabinet and drawer - and I always fully unpack.  A phone in the bathroom can still make me giggle and - if there's a room service menu - I can be counted upon to read aloud in my best fafafa voice - "I would like the club sandwich for $17.95, please.  Oh, what the heck, through in a bowl of chicken noodle soup for $9.95.  A liter of Evian for $8.95 and - that ought to do it - oh - wait - may as well send up some ice cream too.  $8.95 for that?  That will be fine.  Thank you, my good man."  I take the notepads and pens and - when I am staying multiple nights REALLY fight the urge to take those little shampoos and soaps every day (I DO take them on the last day.  They are so darn CUTE!)

Nope, not a seasoned traveler.

A traveler capable of delight, though - a traveler who is not jaded.  I'm glad.

I'm glad that I still feel a little silly when a uniformed man insists on pulling my luggage to the desk for me. (Sorry it took me so many tries before I realized that was a tippable service.  My bad.  We didn't have to tip anyone on the campground circuit - it was ignorance, not rudeness.  I know better now, I promise.)  I'm glad a well appointed lobby can still make me say, "whoa".

I'm typing this while reclining between high thread-count sheets.  I was a little intimidated when I first checked in - I felt very outclassed.  But a friend reminded me that it was all a show and I should relax and enjoy it.  It didn't take me long to take that advice.  

I still feel a little giddy when people dote on me, but I've learned to be gracious and accept it with a thank you (and a tip). 

I still have a little trouble leaving the towels on the floor and the bed unmade, though.

But I bet I could get used to it.

It's amazing how quickly the sublime can become mundane.


Unknown said...

OH that is me.. I will clean the room every day with the dirty towels placed together by the door.. umm yeah and on the last day I strip the sheets and all off the bed for the maids. I lead a sheltered life bwhahaha

Unknown said...

I LOVE staying in hotels! Love not making the bed, not scrubbing the tub and toilet, and of course not having to cook!

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

I love staying in hotels, too. But I usually put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door, hang the towels, and make the bed (sort of). On the last day, I just try to leave things in neat piles. But I do indulge in room service, usually for breakfast, so I can eat while getting ready for the day if there's an early start.