Friday, January 6, 2012

Fridays With Liv

Liv and I have a little tradition.

Usually, I take Lea to school, then come home and do a chore or two, then take Liv to school.  But on Fridays, Liv and I leave as soon as I get back from dropping Lea off and we have donuts.  Always two with sprinkles for her.  It varies for me.  Sometimes I join her in a donut.  Cruellers are my favorite, but I've been known to make a detour into the creme-filled department from time to time. Sometimes I have a breakfast wrap. Today I had a muffin.  Hot chocolate is optional.  Our Friday morning date is not.

Liv is a good kid.  She plays by the rules at home and at school.  She is funny and smart and determined and talented.  I could sing her praises for days. She is not, however, a squeaky wheel.  I have often likened her to the prodigal son's brother.  She works hard.  She always tries to do the right thing. She doesn't get in trouble. 

The squeaky wheel always gets the grease, but the wheel that hums along nicely, just doing it's job, sometimes needs a little grease, too.  What a bonus if, from that grease, a donut emerges.

So we have our donuts on Fridays.  And we talk and we listen.  Sometimes we even squeak.  I look forward to it.  WE look forward to it.  She really talks to me on Friday mornings - sometimes even opening up to me - a true gift from a teenaged girl!

Yep, I look forward to Friday mornings.
I bought Liv a Babycakes donut maker for Christmas.

This morning, when I got back from taking Lea to school, she said, "Are we still gonna go for donuts, even though I have a donut maker now?"

You betcha, Babycakes.


Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Excellent! That one-on-one attention is so important, for both of you.

Unknown said...

Such little rituals make great memories.

Pam said...

What a great tradition! And I completely agree about the non-squeaky wheel needing some attention. Like you, I have one squeaky and one squeak-free wheel. Thanks for the reminder to grease the non-squeaker sometimes, too.