Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Like a Lion, Out Like a ... Chihuahua?

My sister has 3 dogs. A Weimaraner puppy who is already quite large and ridiculously exuberant, a medium-sized mixed breed rescue who is sweet and gentle - as long as you're not a young boy, and a Chihuahua. Guess who makes his presence known most loudly and aggressively when you visit their home?

Did you guess the Chihuahua? Good for you! (There is no prize. Sorry.)

In a house where he is by far the smallest soul with free rein he needs, I suppose, to do what he can to make his mark. So to speak. Ahem.

So he is loud, and he is mean, and he growls and barks very loudly at anyone who enters his home, jumping up to take a swipe at their ankles. I always assure him, in a tone that could probably be interpreted as condescending, that he is indeed bad and mean and very very scary.

When, in reality, he's actually just sort of cute.

The weather over the last couple days has had the same effect.

It got very cold, after the nice spring thaw. There was hail and wind and cold and even a few sputters of snow. Winter wanted to let us know that it was still here, and it was still mean, and it was still a force to be reckoned with.

The spring sun smiled in a manner that might be interpreted as condescending, cutting through all the nastiness winter was trying to throw. Yes, yes, Old Man Winter. You are very bad, and very mean, and very very scary. Now go lay down like a good boy and maybe I'll give you a treat.

Spring rocks.


Pam said...

What is it about little dogs and their Napolean complexes? I have pug who acts the same way. And spring is taking it's time getting here as well.

I am Harriet said...

Just stopping by from SITS to say hello.
Have a great Tuesday!

Jenny Penny said...

I can't find a way to email you, so I'm leaving a comment randomly here to tell you thank you (and your daughter) for the mantra that inspired the blog yesterday. I really do think about that little chant all the time in my head, at least weekly! I'm glad you liked what it inspired me to write...