Thursday, June 18, 2009

Do You Have the Time to Listen to Me Whine?

I got an e-mail from my good friend Rosa the other day. She expressed hope that my vacation was actually as much fun as I was making it out to be on my blog. I wrote back complimenting her on her astuteness. And also on her ability to read between the lines. And also just because Rosa is awesome and deserves to be complimented daily.

The very next day Anita left me a comment telling me I have great adventures. I assured her that nothing could be farther from the truth. (Anita is also awesome and deserves to be complimented daily. Scoot on over and compliment her right now, if you haven't already!)

I figure no-one wants to hear me ramble on about old family rivalries or personality conflicts or all the damn mosquitoes unless I can find a way to make those things funny. And if I was suddenly hit with the inspiration to make those things humorous - or at least entertaining - I'd share those things.

Because no-one wants to hear me whine all the livelong day.

Except maybe Tom.

He loves it.

He thrives on it.

When we were dating, 'our song' was Basketcase by Green Day(referenced in the title of this post).

We did indeed have the time to listen to each other whine. About nothing and everything all we wanted. So we made a commitment.

But none of you have made that sort of commitment to me, so I try to keep the whining to a minimum. Besides, it's been my experience that people NOT on vacation tend to have very little sympathy for the whining of people who ARE on vacation.

I'm sensitive to your feelings that way.

You're welcome.

Anyway. Just me? Am I the only one pulling trivial details out of mundane days and turning them into virtual essays, or are the rest of you actually living the lives of mystery, intrigue and intellectual discourse presented in your blogs?

I imagine everyone living more exciting lives than mine, then I'm told I present mine as exciting! Lightbulb moment! Maybe THEY'RE (you're) big exaggerating exaggerate pants who exaggerate, too... Maybe my mundane little life isn't as comparatively dull as I think it is. Maybe - just maybe - I'm normal.

Nah, who am I kiddin'?

a note to my peeps: I'll probably be off the grid for a couple days as we drive home NOT in the camper of every convenience, but in the car it towed down here. Miss you already!


Pam said...

Yes, you are completely normal. And yes, my life is boring and mundane too. And Yes, vacationing with family members is bound to bring up "issues". That's why women invented Girls Night Out and Girls Getaway Weekends!

Claudya Martinez said...

Are you kidding me? I would love to hear you whine, maybe not all the time, but please do one whiny post.

BTW, your daughters are pretty awesome. I stopped by their blogs and I think they are both so wonderful and expressive.

Claudya Martinez said...

Meant to say, niece and daughter. I'm obsessed with daughters. Anyway, they are both awesome.

Mama-Face said...

Not sure about the normal part; cause I have no idea what normal is. But I do feel you are a kindred spirit. Maybe that is weird to you.hmmm...

I am always willing and wanting and able to listen to you whine.

I think that in this whole blog thing we can't help but be real (unless you are a really good flat out liar). I think it brings out some real true emotions, be they good, bad, sad, happy. Emotions that often get pushed out of the way (unless we are with person we love who loves to listen to us whine) and ignored.

The things we write about may seem to be exaggerated...but I think they might be closer to the real thing than we even know.

In case it side of the family can't even hold family reunions. Far too many issues. Not exaggerating at all.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Whine all you want! Seriously. I do it in my blog and I find it helps.

By the way, Basket Case is an awesome song. I have it on my iTunes list. I accidentally played it around my kids though and my son was all, "What's a whore and why does she say life is a bore?" Um. Oops.

Housewife Savant said...


MY life?

It's All About the mystery, intrigue and intellectual discourse.
If by mystery, intrigue and intellectual discourse you mean blogging and watching television.

With occasional bouts of vertigo and blomiting.

Jenni said...

Have a safe trip home, Tammy!

Cammie said...

ae time to listen to wine.....I mean whine....


the girl with the pink teacup said...

Tammy, let's get one thing straight: Your blog? Check. Hence, you officially have permission to write whatever the hell you want. You're such a talented writer/hottie that we'll be reading even if the next billion posts are nothing but whining!

And as for the whole blog thing, what the hell do I know? I've only been at this caper for less than a month. That said, I have no objection to you getting your exaggeration on. You write so well and with so much heart that I'll love it all anyway, bullshit or not. I'm betting your other minions are with me on this one.

Wine may also help bring out the inner whine. Just sayin'.


Unknown said... crack me up. Bickering and getting on each other's nerves is normal with family vacations. I've been on family trips where it got uglier than that...LOL, so whine all you want. I think your ability to laugh about it, even the oddities of birds in grills is a gift, thank you for sharing that.
Have a safe trip home, we'll miss you.

Macey said...

I love to listen to you whine...about nothing and everything that I want...wait, that's what YOU want, not me, right? Gonna have to get with the iPod soon. Anyway, I have that in my head now, along with the one stuck in my head from Anita's site that I had to go stalk! Santana rocks. So does my Mommakin. Have a safe and fun trip home in the car... : )

Alex the Girl said...

Whine all you want, I'm sure we can find a good cheese to go with it...and maybe some tart apples...and some flaky crackers (hee...hee..."Flaky Crackers") (Okay, I'm still giggling at the flaky crackers). I can't believe Pam actually expects us to believe her life is boring and mundane. I want to be her in my next life. I've so enjoyed reading your vacation posts. You have quite the way with words.

Gibby said...

First of all, whine all you want! That is why we have these blogs. Personally, I feel better when I hear people whining, because I don't feel so alone anymore. "Ahh, someone else gets it," I say.

Second, when I looked back at the comments people left on my vacation post, everyone said it sounded like we had such a good time. And we did. But we also drove each other crazy, there were moments when I wondered how on earth did I ever end up with these people, what was I doing there, I would rather be in Napa with a bottle of wine (JUST me, not even with Hubs), etc, etc. I couldn't figure out why people thought the entire thing was so great. Cuz it was just a normal family vacation. Which, when you think about it, does have its perks. Like, say, a blog post!

dkWells said...

Lady T. Sorry I've been off making good stories out of bad experiences myself lately. I will serve no whine before its time!

Anyway, excellent post, as usual! I'm driving up to Dublin in just a few hours. Sounds like we'll miss each other again. Oh well, I'll drink one for you and each of your lovely family! (Thanks for the excuse to have at least 3 more beers...or is that 4? LOL!)

Keep up the excellent writing!

Sir Hook the Traveling Troubadour of Warrick

Grand Pooba said...

I personally like it when blogs "keep it real" Don't pretend your life is all great when it's not. And I mean sure we all have good times but we all have bad times too and I think we need to write about those times as well.