Saturday, June 13, 2009


Pam at Pam's Perspective tagged me, so I guess I'm it! (I always suspected that I might be, but it's nice to have confirmation!)

The object of the game, in this case, is to open your first photo folder, open the 10th photo and tell a story about it.

I'll be honest, folks. This wasn't my first photo folder. The first didn't even have 10 pictures in it. The tenth photo in the second was so dark I could've told you anything and you would've had no choice but to believe. So this is the tenth picture from my third folder.

This was taken at Lea's tenth birthday party (right in keeping with the '10' theme, no?)

She had a makeover party.

The two girls in the near background are having pedicures and manicures. In the far background, at the table, girls are having facials, getting a light make-up application, and having their hair done. (Also in keeping with the '10' theme, many of them ended up with elaborate braids. It's almost like we were anticipating this post)

I thought we'd make things as beauty-parlory as possible, so we had a wide array of magazines in the waiting area. I bought every tween mag on the news stand. Because I am just that cool. At least that's what the woman at the checkout counter thought. She didn't think my apparent obsession with Zac Efron was weird or pervy at all.

I had four adults helping me with the party and they all went home with spa gift bags, just like the girls did. Except theirs included wine and chocolate. And pictures of Zac Efron. Which I thought was the least I could do after they gave up a weekend night to help me deal with a house full of ten year olds.

Now I am to tag a few more folks, but ya'll - I'm on vacation! So I'm gonna be just a little lazy and say, if you want to play, consider yourself tagged!

Because you? Are it!


Alex the Girl said...

This is an excellent party idea. How did you end up with such a beautifully tanned child?

Claudya Martinez said...

How cool are you? Seriously, you are too cool.

Macey said...

I wanna go to a party like that! That's awesome! And, seriously, I am a pervy person...because every time I look at a pic like that of ZE? I have to wipe the drool off my chin! I'm ashamed by it. Really.
Macey : )

Mama-Face said...

zac efron. yummy delish. I am such a cougar.

I want a 10 year old b-day party. (stamping my foot) At least one like you throw. Did you really have tiger beat magazine? Is tiger beat magazine still around?

fun fun. yes yes.

Housewife Savant said...

You are an awesome mom. What a party!

Thank you for including Zac. If I were at all cougar-y I would devour that boy.

(I almost deleted that, then I peeked at previous comments. Macey and mamaface agree, whew.)

What'd I say? Zacolicious.

Unknown said...

What a cool party idea, I've seen them done in over priced spas, but at home, sheer genius!
Zac Efron............yummy, I watch Hairspray just to oogle him...LOL, then when I think I'm old enough to be his mother I want to hide!

Pam said...

Great picture and story. Great idea for a party as well. What 10 year old (or 45 year old) wouldn't love that. Love the teen magazine touch as well. Niiiice! But, I must admit, I don't get the appeal of Zac Efron or Robert Pattinson to women our age. I know a ton of women who get all cougarish about this two, but to me they look like little boys. Now, don't get me wrong, I do like me some younger men. But they look more like men. Examples? OK, since you asked. John Krasinski - Jim on The Office and Henry Cavill - Duke of Suffolk on The Tudors. Hubba, Hubba.

Shawna said...

Zac Efron looks like SUCH a hottie in that picture!!!

Shawna's Study Abroad

the girl with the pink teacup said...

Tammy, you are now officially hosting my next (25th) birthday party. I, too, demand wine, chocolate and pictures of Zac Efron! I'm sure you can hook me up...


kel said...

I love, love, love that idea for a party! totally stealing it.. I mean, borrowing it..

Debbie said...

What a fun party that must have been.

Sandy said...

Great party idea for ANY age! And nice job on the post! Tammy, you are among my FB friends but I had neglected to add you to my blog roll. That error HAS BEEN corrected. Love your button and love to see it on my blog!

Unknown said...

How totally fun. I think we should do this in a grown up version!