Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Better Living Through Technology

I have been feeling a little blue. Nothing huge - people deal with a lot worse on a daily basis. Sometimes just knowing other people have it worse doesn't make it better. It just adds feeling selfish and insensitive to the list of things to beat oneself up over.

This morning I thought about the reasons I should get out of bed:

1. there is laundry currently sitting in the washer AND the dryer.
2. there are dishes currently sitting in the dishwasher AND the sink.
3. the vacuum hasn't been run in (mumble, mumble, some time, I guess...)

Then I thought about the reasons I should stay in bed this morning:

1. there is laundry currently sitting in the washer AND the dryer.
2. there are dishes currently sitting in the dishwasher AND the sink.
3. the vacuum hasn't been run in (mumble, mumble, some time, I guess...)

But get out of bed I did. I took my meds and sat down at the computer, purely out of habit. I can't eat for an hour after I take my meds, so I use that time to read my e-mail and catch up on all of your yummy blogs since I can't indulge in a yummy breakfast for a while. Before I was even through the e-mail, my mood had lifted considerably. I had not one but two awards waiting for me.

Sandy at It's a Jungle Out There gave me this cute little panda as a reward for leaving consistent comments. Aw, thanks Sandy! You're no slouch yourself!

That probably would've been enough to brighten my mood, but I read a couple more e-mails and found that this was waiting for me at Fran's blog, Very Random. For what, you ask? Why for leaving consistent comments.

Now perhaps you're saying to yourself, "It must not have been much of a funk, if it was lifted by a couple of blog awards." But that's only because you don't understand the nature of the funk to which I had succumbed. I was feeling - like we all do, from time to time - pretty insignificant. I was feeling like nothing I do matters - I don't make a difference. (There's more, but I don't want to talk about it. Suffice it to say that the insignificance thing was playing a pretty strong supporting role in the drama that's been running on my cerebral stage for the past couple days) And along come these two ladies - at the same time - telling me that in some small way, I do.

I needed it, and there it was.

Right there on my laptop.

Comin' through on the wide world of web.

Deb at Suburb Sanity posted about the bloggy support system today, too. It really is quite a powerful and wonderful thing. Deb also talked about turning off the AC and opening the windows, which I did, and I think that has also had quite the impact on my mood. When you let the dishes in the sink all night, a little fresh air and a cross-breeze is never a bad idea... The birdsong it's allowing to come in isn't so bad, either.

So, thank you, Sandy, Fran and Deb. Sincerely. For saying just what I needed to hear just when I needed to hear it.

And thank you all for giving me funny, insightful, heart-wrenching, heart-warming, informative posts (not usually all at the same time, though sometimes some come close) to read each day. And thanks in advance for the bloggy love you're gonna leave me which will make a rapidly improving mood even better. (It's true. I'm not above pandering like that. Pitiful, really.)


Mama-Face said...

I'm gonna be the first to leave you a lovey comment. First you deserve the consistent comment award; and I would have given you one long ago if I knew those were around...consider each award seconded. Does that even make sense? I read your posts and think, hey I have a kindred spirit out there in blogland. For one thing I have to the wait to eat ritual, and I hate to wait to eat for any reason. And for lots of more important reasons.
Your posts are always so well written and always have real meaning; even if you are just relating a simple story about your day. You aren't insignificant in any way. I'd say a bunch more if I were not so sleep deprived.

Therefore I bequeath upon you one more commenting award; that of super thoughtful
commenter. If I knew how to make a button, geez, I would. I would be very sad if I didn't see your smiling face in my comments. Thanks. :-)

the girl with the pink teacup said...

Darling Tammy,

I realise that this will all sound horribly trite, embarrassingly 'gushy', and certainly rambling, but I'll go ahead and say it anyway.

I 'third' (or fourth!) those fantastic commenting awards. You are without a doubt one of the most supportive and generous bloggers on the Interwebs. Your kind words, hilarity and insight on every single post you read are what helps inspire and encourage other bloggers to keep writing. I only wish there were more people as wonderful as you in the Bloggy Universe.

And as for the insignificance thing: I can't tell you how to feel, but I just want you to know that I think you are absolutely the bees knees, darling lady. Your writing is so fantastic that, if you were to ever give up blogging (God forbid), there would be a huge gaping hole in my day where your wonderful words should be. And oh, how I look forward to those words. You inspire me personally in so many ways - your love of your brilliant family, your eye for the ridiculous and clever, your obvious talent with knitting needles, your sharp mind, your compassionate heart - that I'm grateful every day for having found you. I really hope I can one day be half the woman you are, although even that might be a bit much to hope for. You're so significant it hurts!

I suppose we just don't tell one another these things often enough. Really have to work on that, methinks.


SparkleFarkel said...

Such wonderful news! (RE: your delightful, new emblems, that of which are such sweet designs and will look nice on your blog shelf) Although we've known each other for only a smitch of a while, I whole-heartedly look forward to your comments whenever I post a blog, and search them out on other blogs that I follow, because your "mentions" are so fun and thoughtful. You definitely take the cake (and I mean that in a nice way) and truly deserve these honors!

P.S. When I read the first portion of your blog entry

("1. there is laundry currently sitting in the washer AND the dryer.
2. there are dishes currently sitting in the dishwasher AND the sink.
3. the vacuum hasn't been run in (mumble, mumble, some time, I guess...)

I ran to my livingroom to see you because I was certain you were in MY house! LOL!

mzbehavin said...

You think you're insignificant????

How can this be???????

Have you read the things you write?????

You're FUNNY.......

You're INTELLIGENT.........

and it SHINES.....

He$%, it SCREAMS through in your writing........

I wasn't kidding the other day when I said I wanted writing lessons........


SparkleFarkel said...

P.P.S. In honor of an award-winning you, I just nabbed your button and will wear it proudly on my blog! ***raises bottle of Fruit2O (God, How I hate this stuff. I'm weaning; I'm definitely going to have to get a different Diet-Coke replacment)*** Here's looking at you, Tammy! ***gags on Fruit2O*** It's the thought that counts, right? Again, CONGRATULATIONS!

Gibby said...

How much do I love thee, oh Tam-meee?

OK, so I'm not a poet, but I agree with every single one of these commenters!!! I love, love your writing and look forward to it. I love the comments you leave me and look forward to those, as well. Plus, with you having two girls who are a few years older than mine, I know what I have to look forward to with those monkeys. (The monkeys are mine, not yours.) Not to mention, other than blog listing sites, your button is the only button I have deigned to include on my site. If that's not saying something, I don't know what is.

And oh yeah, we think alike, because I would have used all three of the reasons you listed to STAY in bed, certainly not get out! LOL!

Have a great day!!!

Macey said...

Tammy, not only do you always leave me a comment, you always leave GOOD comments! I love Mommakin. And Tammy, you ain't so bad yourself! :)
I get that blue insignificant feeling all the time. I eat pastry when that happens. Probably why I weigh about 900 lbs. :)

Dumb Mom said...

Well if I gave awards at my blog for anything at all you would certainly get one for consistent commenting! I seriously can gauge the quality of my post on whether or not you leave a comment. Thanks for being so cool (& supportive, & sweet, & awesome)! Hope that helps pick you up a bit too)

Katie Lane said...

I agree getting awards are the best. Congrats!!

Sandy said...

Well, where do I start??! Insignificant? You? Don't be silly or blue or down. You, my friend, are most significant to me. Your comments are among those that mean the most to me. Almost as much as your posts do. I am consistently amazed by how and what you write about. And I'm not afraid to say that often YOUR posts make me feel a bit insignificant or inadequate maybe is a better word.

So, I am very happy that today was the day that I chose to bestow our little panda friend on you if it helped make your day even a little better.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need a 'Walking Buddy!' I'm available!

Alex's Dad

Claudya Martinez said...

Just so you know, I consistently look froward to our bloggy interactions. I notice when you are not around as frequently as usual and I miss you.

Perhaps we have not met in the flesh but you have come to be significant in my daily life. You make me smile, laugh, cry, and understand with your writing. Your generosity expressed through your comments on my blog and all the other blogs that are blessed by your visits is exemplary.

My friend you are very valuable indeed.

BONNIE K said...

Just checking out your blog from Sandy's latest post, and I'm enjoying it! And I'm also an Ohio suburbanite...who hates to put on the air conditioning.

Pam said...

I'm a little late to the party today, but I wanted to add my congrats. And I hope that as the day progressed you were able to chase those blues away. I always look forward to your comments and to reading your posts. Chin up!

Alex the Girl said...

Crap, you better read your comments even if they are a day late and a dollar short. First of all, I am giving your permission to own your funk. I won't tell you anything different or say I'm sorry your feeling that way because sometimes it's totally okay to feel that way and screw the effin dishes...they will either 1: get washed 2: not get washed 3: get up and walk away. I personally vote for number three.

Now for the ego boost, which although may not be needed, is true to the bone...but before I open my mouth to speak, I will let you know here and now...I'm too poor to travel wherever...spend a large amount of cash on finding where your where ever is that you live and spend the time I need to use getting ready for this school year to stalk you...with that disclaimer said (are you still with me?), I will say this...

You don't know how many times I've read either your blog, or your comments left on my blog and thought to myself, "Self, I could be buddies with this chic if I lived close enough." Just being out in the blog world has a significance (did I spell that right?) to me. I treasure your blogship, and I'm glad you're not in too much of a funk as to keep you from blogging.

Congratulations on your deserve them not only for being a consistent commenter, but for putting that touch of sincerity into them as well. By the way, EYE AM SO GLAD YOU ARE LIKING THE SOOKIE BOOKS! You don't know how much pressure I felt when you took my advice and gave them a read through!

Melissa B. said...

Sorry I'm so late commenting tonite...hosted 45 little girls (ages 6-16) for a swim team potluck. Lots of giggling, and, of course, High School Musical 3. Congrats on your awards. I spent 3 hours cleaning today, and sort of wish I'd pulled the covers up this morning and called it a day!

Melanie said...

i so understand that feeling. sending you a big virtual hug :)

and thank you so much for sharing your story on "meeting lost friends on facebook" on my blog.

your blog is just beautiful and i'm sure i'm gonna come back often :)

btw: when i'm feeling a little blue, i sometimes dance wildly to tori amos songs like "raspberry swirl" and let it all out.... but sssshhh ;)

MaryRC said...

i know how you feel, i feel insignificant frequently, and especially in the blogger world. sorry i havent been around, my blackberry doesnt like to comment, cant figure it out its such a pain and then my battery goes dead. but tonight there is an open computer in the studio so wha la! I'm here, feel better, you are so significant, and if your gonna be blue, be bright blue :)