Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby, Baby it's a Wild World

So last night Tom and I went to the Mexican place to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. As you do. Hey - last time I checked margaritas were green... Anyway, there was live music and the only table available was practically right on top of the musicians - one of whom was - are you ready for this (cause I wasn't) - none other than the big fat piece of wiener himself. After a few moments I was pretty sure he didn't recognize me, so I relaxed and enjoyed my margarita(s) and the show. At one point when he was asking for requests he asked me specifically. I asked for Wild World because it's my favorite and no one ever plays it for me. They noodled around off mike for a couple seconds then played it for me beautifully (missed the second verse - but since no one else even takes a shot at it I sure wasn't going to complain about that...). I was delighted.

We came home and turned on the TV to decompress for a few minutes. There was a commercial for Dancing With the Stars - which we don't watch, but since we don't live under a rock we are infinitely aware of. We briefly discussed Buzz Aldren and his participation. I was worried about his dignity. Tom was worried about his hips. Then Tom says, "And you know who else is going to be on this season?"


"Chad Ochocinco"

"I told you that a couple weeks ago."

"No you didn't."

"Yes I did. I heard it on the radio and I told you your boy Ochocinco is going to be on Dancing With the Stars this time around so you'll even get to hear about him in the off-season."

"You did?"

"You never listen to me."

At this point he picked up the dogs jowls and began flapping them up and down saying, "blahblahblahblahblah." (no dogs were harmed in the making of this post, for the record. She loved the attention and tried to get her jowls back into his hands after he realized what he was doing and dropped them.)

I feigned outrage - It wasn't a huge stretch - and he apologized profusely - which might've been better accepted if he could've controlled his giggling.

It was pretty funny, though.


Housewife Savant said...

They've got Gosselin too, so in all fairness they ought to include the word "AHole" in the show title.

Unknown said...

They really should call that show "Dancing with the Has-beens." I really wish Buzz Aldrin wouldn't sink that low.

Anonymous said...

That show is crazy. I've never watched it and for sure would not now that Kate-F'in-Gosselin's on. Ridiculous. Sounds like a perfect margarita night to me!

Anonymous said...

That show is crazy. I've never watched it and for sure would not now that Kate-F'in-Gosselin's on. Ridiculous. Sounds like a perfect margarita night to me!

Cassie said...

We don't normally watch Dancing with the Wish They Were Stars, but thinking we will this time around.
I read your post about Tom's issue with Chad Ochocincos name change. I had read his name several times before reading your post and never realized it was his number. Duh.... Just thought it was some weird surname.
Now that I know its his number (too cool right) I am going to go out and change my name too. So from now on please refer to me as
Eug Ochoseissietecincotresceronueve.
I think it has a lovely ring to it :o)

Sandy said...

I was so excited because I remembered both of the posts you linked to! See it's always all about me.

Macey said...

I will always have special place in my heart for Ochocinco. (stupid ass name, what a duche) Because he came from OSU. My school. Not that I went there, but I would if I could. Or whatever.
Anyway, BFPOW??? I can't believe that!

Tracie said...

I think that show needs a name change to Dancing With The "Stars". I don't watch it but I'm all too aware of everything that happens as my mother and her little old lady friends are obsessed with it.

Pam said...

Will you be going to Paddy O'Malley's Irish Pub on Cinqo De Mayo? ;)

MaryRC said...

not that i watch but they really stretch the "star" card. glad the pie hole managed something decent in his life..

Claudya Martinez said...

Sounds like an exchange between my husband and me, except we don't have a jowly dog so he would have used his butt or something else equally as dignified.