Friday, March 5, 2010

Shape Up!

Perhaps you've see the commercials for Skechers Shape Ups. If you have been in a shoe store or a department store recently, you have almost surely seen a display. Joe Montana even touted their efficiency in a Super Bowl commercial. But if you're still unfamiliar, they are shoes designed to promote weight loss, tone muscles, and improve posture. As my new PT job requires me to be on my feet for a solid three hours every day, and I needed new shoes anyway, I allowed myself to be pulled in by the promises. I felt a little bit like a sucker as I tried them on and carried them to the counter. I knew in my heart that they weren't going to live up to the hype, but, like I said, I needed new shoes anyway and I figured it was worth a shot. Stereotype alert: Fat chick heading to the counter with the next miracle fix.

But here's the thing: I put those bad boys on and noticed an immediate improvement in my posture. Cool. One promise fulfilled out of three made isn't bad. It's a better promise to fulfillment ratio than I experienced when I was dating. It's a way better promise to fulfillment ratio than I experience from my kids. I considered the purchase to be a success.

A few days later, standing tall and straight, a little girl I know came over to me, excitedly pointing to my new shoes. She was having a pretty darn enthusiastic reaction to them. "New shoes! New shoes!"

"Yes, I got new shoes."

"MY shoes!"

"No, sweetheart, they're not your shoes. They're my shoes." I pointed to further make my point, "My shoes - your", I slowed down here as dawn broke on marble head. This little girl has multiple disabilities, and one of them is that one leg is shorter than the other. My built up shoes looked a whole lot like her built up shoe. She had clearly never seen a shoe like hers on someone else before. It made her happy. It made me ridiculously warm and fuzzy.

Better posture and a warm fuzzy feeling. These kicks are just paying for themselves.

Later in the week I found a new use for them. I was out with my sister having a couple beers. Please don't have a heart attack and die from the shock of that. The shoes became a good indicator of when enough was enough. These shoes require a certain amount of balance to maneuver in, you see. I knew if I could make it to the ladies room and back, I was ok. They were very fun to walk in with a little beer buzz, too. I always appreciate a good challenge. Bonus. Next up in Tammy and Wendy's Drinking for Fitness regimen: Jello shots on a Bosu ball. Maintaining your balance through that feat is sure to strengthen your core while weakening your inhibitions. Win/win.

But there was one more benefit to be derived. This morning when I put on my fresh-from-the -dryer jeans, I did not need to lie on the bed or jump up and down or perform any sort of acrobatics at all to get them zipped. That's right, kids. I appear to have dropped a couple pounds. Nothing significant - nothing you'd notice - I only noticed because of the difference in the fit of my jeans. But still. Something. Sure, sure, it could be because I'm standing three hours every day that I would've otherwise been sitting. Or it COULD be because I'm standing on my new Shoes of Wonder.

That promise to fulfillment ratio just shot to 2:3. With two bonus benefits that HADN'T been promised. Dude. They're not very pretty, but I'm going to wear them EVERY day.

(Oh, and just to be clear - this was a completely uncompensated endorsement. Though if future compensation should come my way, I'd be willing to change that line about them not being very pretty. I'm sure a free pair would be very pretty indeed.)


Sandy said...

I've seen these shoes advertised and made a 'pffft' sound because I doubted their promises but you have changed my mind. They make me think of Earth Shoes I wore back in the early 70's which had what they called a 'negative heel.' The front of the shoe was lower than the back. I remember they did cause me to stand up a little straighter. Back in those days I wasn't thinking about weight loss (oh for those days) so not sure if that was a byproduct.

Congrats on feeling better and hope it continues.

AmericanTribal said...

Oooh, I'm glad I read this! I wanted to try those shoes very badly but I've been talking myself out of it. Now, I think I might have to give them a try.
Thanks for the review!

Unknown said...

Well hanging head in shame, because I did think they looked like "special" shoes, and didn't think they'd look very pretty on. I may be fat, but I want to look my best wearing it!
Ok, I might have to give them a try.......but maybe in a dark store.
I've missed something, what pray tell are you doing while standing 3 hours a day.

Unknown said...

I'll just have to check those out! Great story too!

For some reason you stopped showing up in my feeder so I am going to try to correct that. I've missed you!

Unknown said...

I fixed it!

Anonymous said...

I was a skeptic, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad!!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Really? Really? I will have to give those a try. I think Jen at Tatertots and Jello tried them and she liked them (I think). I need new running shoes, but maybe I will splurge and pick up a pair of these too... hmm.

Unknown said...

Glad to hear they are working for you! But I suspect the weight loss has more to do with your new job than the shoes! lol

Macey said...

I have been thinking of getting these, but shit, I know I will fall on my face if I have to have any kind of balance.

Liz Mays said...

Just the fact that they're fun to wear while drinking is reason enough for me to try them!

Vixen of said...

Seriously, ever since I saw the ad I knew I just HAD to have a pair of these. Just for the posture thing alone, because I know that will help with my back issues. Problem is, they are not in an unemployed budget. I was going to write them a note to ask for a free pair and tell them I would expound on their wonders on my blog, alas yours is the third non-sponsered, non-paid positive review I've seen in a week so they probably don't need me.

Claudya Martinez said...

This is the best post about shoes I ever read!

Joanna Jenkins said...

"It's a better promise to fulfillment ratio than I experienced when I was dating." And a 'good indication when you've had enough beers' would be aFABULOUS ad campaigns for the shoes. They so totally SHOULD compensate you for this post.

It cracked me up Tammy and without this post, I'd have never given them a second thought :-)

Have a fun weekend.

Mandy said...

Wow, I think I'll be looking for a pair of those very soon then. I was not up on this latest shoe trend. Congrats on achieving those two promises! Definitely a worthwhile purchase!

I hope you're enjoying your new part time job. I'm curious....

I LOVE the idea of the drinking fitness tips, btw. I would jump on that in a heartbeat. Way better than Jillian Michaels and her horse face I've been staring at for the past three days.

Anonymous said...

They do indeed sounds wonderful!

I might have to invest in a pair soon.

(Most of my shoes are pretty ugly anyway so the appearance thing won't be a deal breaker.)

Gibby said...

I am laughing SO hard at the part about wearing these in a bar! I think you're really on to something here. Those commercials could take on a whole new story.

My friend just wore these for the first time on a walk with us and after we had walked for about an hour, she realized that you should start off slow, 10 increments at a time or so. Oops!!!