Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let Your Freak Flag - Er - Hair - Fly

I have freak hair.

Several months back - when I went from long to short -I cited several reasons to anyone who asked.  I was ready for a change, long hair wasn't flattering on me, you reach a certain age, blah blah blah.  None of these reasons were lies - but they were not the real reason I got my hair cut.  The real reason I got my hair cut was that one day - without warning - I woke up with a small shock of hair - right on the top of my head - that was only about an inch long.  It was a section about the size of a nickel.  There had never been a bald spot and no one had cut it - there was just one small super-short section.  It looked ridiculous with the long hair.  Plus, it was a little concerning.  But mostly, I was just concerned with looking ridiculous.

So I got it cut in short layers and the blow drying and styling that ensued , along with the shorter cut, pretty much hid it.  I actually forgot all about it.

Then - when I was at the beach last week - one day I decided to let my hair air dry.  My hair, as I've mentioned before, is very fine and soft and a mostly straight with a little wave at the bottom - when left in its natural state.  On this day, though, that one little nickel-sized tuft - still shorter than the rest of my hair - was completely frizzy.  The sort of thing that happens to folks with different hair than mine when they're at the beach.  It was bizarre.

Yesterday - back in my home climate - I let it air dry again.  Once again - fine, soft, mostly straight hair - with one perfect corkscrew curl.  Guess where.

I tried to get Lea to take a picture of it, but in every picture she took it just looked like a cowlick.  That is not what it looked like in the mirror or what my family assured me it looked like in real life.

I feel like one of those people with dark hair and one small - natural - shock of white.  Except instead of a different color, my isolated shock is a different texture.

When I blow my hair dry, it blends right in - but when I air dry, there it is.

I would appreciate any insight or ideas or hunches or wild guesses as to how this phenomenon occurred.  That's right.  I'm now referring to my freak hair as a phenomenon.  Because my ego is big enough to allow for that.

Until I figure it out, I guess I'll just let my freak hair fly.


Unknown said...

I still would like to see photos.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hmmm, that's something I've never heard of before. But, take it from your much older friend-- take the curl over a gray streak anytime :-)
xo jj