Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Shoes

Billy Two Shoes long awaited CD was finally released yesterday!

For those of you who are not aware, Billy Two Shoes is a band in which my husband plays upright bass. I am so impressed with these guys - not only because they are all accomplished musicians - which they are - and not only because they are amazing songwriters - which they are - but also because they are just plain swell guys. Ever since their inception, they have donated their profits to food banks in the Appalachians. I ask you, how patently awesome is that?

Josh, Keith, James, Jason and my handsome hubby, Tom

I'm going to go ahead and provide linkage, because this story is not mine to tell. Give them a little listen while you're there, and maybe a little love.

But here's something that is mine: My very first inaugural give-away.

I will send a copy of the CD to one super-lucky randomly chosen commenter. I will be drawing that name from entries received by Saturday, April 4 at 5:00 EDT.

I will choose randomly, so a simple 'howdy' will be sufficient, but I thought - since these guys are using their talents to help others - it might be fun if you could share how you use your talents - or could use your talents - to help others as well.

Be the change...

Music is love, man.


Housewife Savant said...

Oh wow. I'd love to win (Plus I'm first - a thrill all it's own.)
It'd be cool to say I blog-know the woman whose husband...I'd make it my celebrity moment.
How do I help? Seriously? I am an excellent trainer of children, and God has brought childcare into my realm on two different occasions. Both have been priveleged, ROTTEN children, with moms who didn't know WHAT to do.
I helped.
The alternative was unthinkable.
I [heart] giveaways!
I'm going to go have a listen...

Jenny Penny said...

Wow. That is some GOOD STUFF. I do like me some banjo tunes. I hope someday to play the banjo, and I even have a newbie banjo sitting (though collecting dust) in our den. Anyhoo, I like the music, and I gotta share it with my husband, who is a music maniac and will love it. And they seriously send proceeds to the Appalachians? Suh-weet. Now you've got me thinking about what talents I have to offer. Writing is my one lone, true talent, and I offer it up to the hospice facility, but I need to step it up and do more. Thanks for the nudge. Last year I got to help a really neat lady there write down her life story before she died, for her family, and it was the "aaaah, now that's what I'd like to do with my writing" moment.

P.S. You gotta post a comment in your own comments section: What's a talent you're sharing? I mean, aside from the obvious giving-others-good-stuff-to-read?

Tammy Howard said...

Well, Jenny, it's given me a nudge, too. I like to knit, and there are a lot of charities that are always looking for knit donations. I have - in the distant past - made hats for preemies. I have donated a few squares to Project Linus. But I have not done any of this for quite a while. Time to get to it again!!!

As for your work with the hospice - that is awesome - James - the singer for BTS was doing some similar work about a year back. Because he has all of the recording equipment, though, he was putting it to tape through interviews rather than writing it down. Same idea, different talent.

And HS - what could be more valuable than making a difference in the life of a child.

Lovin' this already!!!

Debbie said...

Well, I came over from SITS to just meet you and say hi. I guess I came on a good day!
My 15 year old son plays upright bass in our school orchestra. I am trying desperately to keep him interested because I know it is an instrument he could enjoy playing in a wide variety of musical genres all of his life. I'm going to go have a listen to the CD.

cass said...

geez louise.... just want to win the cd- I am not leaving much of a print out there in my wake. Not huge, not financial. More like one small touch, one small moment. Filled with love there aren't any small actions and all thigns filled with love are peace. So my donation- I suppose is listening. Being open, willing to be there, chip in when I can and keep trying.
I'd start with art- some want to learn, some want to play- but other than providing the "yes you can attitude" - I still need the space to open to everyone before I can get that dream off the ground.
Crack enough for ya? Nannerpuss sends his love.....

Parenthood For Me said...

Hi there-
I just found your blog. I am an adoptive mom who started a non profit. Please visit our website.
We need help spreading the word.
Thank you,

Tammy Howard said...

Silly Cass - there is never enough (comment) crack...

I am seriously digging reading about what you're all doing. We all have such different gifts.

Parenthood For Me said...

Thanks for stopping by. My personal blog about life after adoption is

Brandy said...

AWESOME! I'm sure you guys are super excited- I know I would be.

As for the talent, you would need one before using it...LOL!

Laura F. said...
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Laura F. said...

I think this is awesome!!! You have to be so thrilled....As far as talents, well, I volunteer as the photographer for the JV Field Hockey team at Coffman High School (and will be promoted to Varsity photographer if Kaitlyn makes Varsity this fall, ha ha). It's fun and keeps me involved in the game. I also work as an Operation Feed representative for Nationwide, helping to raise awareness and money for those folks that may need an extra helping hand sometimes at the Mid Ohio Food Bank.

Gibby said...

OMG, that music is great! I went to Ohio University in Athens, so I think it is great that your hubby is donating to the people around there. (What a small world, BTW.) Anyhow, I wish I could say that I did more for people. I try to make others laugh with my crazy blog stories, but I'm not sure if that qualifies. I recently contacted the website called Spirit Jump which matches jumpers with people whose spirits need to be lifted due to illness. My girls and I are going to try to cheer up two little girls with muscular dystrophy by making cards and pictures.

Awesome about the CD...are they on iTunes?

Gibby said...

OK, don't count this as another entry, but I wanted to let you know I just sent your hubby's link to some of my OU buddies. I know they'll love it.

Denise said...

How exciting! You're married to a celebrity! I would love a chance to win your CD!

Swine said...

Billy Two Shoes is really terrific. I also went to OU and this indeed brings me back. Could someone please pass the bong? Oh, did I say that out loud?

I'm afraid I have no talents and I rarely volunteer -- unless of course you consider I often like to buy drinks for others. Well, there you go. I guess I'm a regular Mother frakkin Theresa.

sunny028 said...

You have shared the love alright. I was listening the songs posted on the myspace site, and my husband came in from the family room, he hugged me from behind and said "great tunes hon, what are you listening to?" Now normally his hugs are reserved for "whatcha cookin hon" kichen hugs.
This is the kind of music that "country" boy grew up with.
Often, when I come home he is sitting around playing the harmonica to similar tunes.
So pick me, pick me! Even if you don't , we still love it!
Love the social awareness of the music. Talk about pay it forward, you live it daily, don't you?
Congratulations to you and your husband in walking the walk.
Thanks for letting us in to your world. Wish we lived closer to catch one of his shows.