Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tagged! Booya!

Pam of Pam's Perspective tagged me. (And if you're not reading Pam already, scoot on over there and check her out. Go ahead. I'll wait.)

I have been asked to reveal thirteen things about myself that you wouldn't already know and then tag three other bloggers to do the same. As I am what they call a 'naked blogger' - I tend to lay it all out there - this might be tough. Those of you who know me in the real world - particularly those of you who have known me a long time probably know most of these things. Some of them may have popped up in the blog, I'm not completely sure. But in the spirit of the game, I've tried to pick things that are obscure or that I don't talk about a lot. Or that I do talk about a lot, just not in this forum. So I guess today I go from naked blogging to nekkid blogging. More naked than naked.

1. My middle name is Lu. That's right, try it on - roll it around on your tongue. Tammy Lu. To misappropriate West Side Story lyrics, say it loud and it's music playing. Say it soft and it's almost like praying. Ahem. It draws up a certain image, no? Tell the truth - whether you have an accent or not, you said my name with an accent. And it wasn't continental.

The story goes that my mother wanted to name me Anna Marie. My father took one look at me and said, "She's Tammy Lu." Wow. Thanks, Dad. When my sister came along two years later, Mom wanted to name her Michelle Renee. Dad said, "She's Wendy Sue." Yep. Tammy Lu and Wendy Sue.

There are people in my life who still call me Tammylu or Tamlu or Tamalu. It's as close to a nickname as I've ever come. It is said with such affection that I have learned to love it. But that took a loooooooong time.

2. I have a small tattoo of a treble clef on the outside of my right ankle. While the ink was still fresh, I fell in love with a bass player who has spent the last decade and a half trying to talk me into a bass clef either below it or on the other ankle. I might surprise him and do it some day. (side note - so now you know that 'Bass is life' who shows up in my comments from time to time is my handsome hubby - does that count as another revelation?)

3. If you want to make me weep - instantly - play the first couple notes of the theme music for 'Brian's Song'. I know that's a pretty big club - the got-way-too-emotional-while-watching-a-daggarned-made-for-TV-movie-about-an-athlete club. But I'm in it. Big time.

4. If when you read "weep - instantly" your mind filled in the blanks with,

"It's in D-minor, which I always find is the saddest of all keys, really. I don't know why, but it makes people weep instantly to hear it."

then maybe we need to hang out. Spinal Tap is my favorite movie ever and if you can quote it fluently and at random, I will probably like you even if I don't like anything else about you. My love for that movie goes to eleven.

My love for Christopher Guest goes to eleven. Maybe eleven and a half.

And I am seeing them unwigged and unplugged next month. Woot woot!

5. While we're talking music (sort of), my favorite song evah is 'Wild World' by Cat Stevens. It is so sweet and simple and it melts me.

6. That revelation being made, the next one might not seem like such a revelation at all. Ya see, I'm a rocker chick. I like pure uncut rock and I like it a lot. I like it loud and fast. Music, that is. Sheesh. You guys have dirty minds. You should be ashamed. Anyway. Yep, a hard rocker. That's me. Sold my soul for rock and roll. A hard rocker who swoons over - Barry Manilow. I have seen him a couple times. Maybe three. I don't know. (I totally know! It's three! And the third time I was in the backstage area when his limo pulled in and he got out and waved at me - maybe at the crowd in general, but I think it was probably just at me - and I yelled, "I LOVE YOU BARRY" and he blew me a kiss, so I think maybe we're engaged.) Truly, though? I have been to a lot of concerts in my day. Most of them, like I said, not exactly in this genre. I have never seen anyone who loves their audience the way he does. It is contagious and fun. I went the first time to appease a friend, but the second two times were all me. I'd go again, too! Don't you judge me...

7. I have a BS in Elementary Education and an M.Ed. in Special Education with a concentration in Early Childhood. I was well on my way to a Ph.D. in Early Childhood with a concentration in
Special Education when I got pregnant with Lea. I developed pre-eclampsia during the pregnancy and was put on complete bed rest for several months. School was obviously put on hold. I took another semester off when she was a newborn. I tried to go back the following semester. It didn't work out. I just couldn't find the sense in sitting in an ivory tower talking about hypothetical children with hypothetical issues when I had a very real baby at home who might be missing me right now. Heaven knows I was missing her. I have a friend who calls that 'uterus tugs'. I couldn't concentrate - none of it made sense anymore. School became so irrelevant for me. I quit - assuming I could always return to it when the girls were no longer babies. The urge to do so has never hit.

8. Rightly or wrongly, I assign a lot of value and importance to dreams. Most of my recurrent dreams are pretty typical and easy to figure out, but when I have a dream I can't figure out, I head straight for the dream dictionary.

9. I have lived in 9 homes in 5 states. I realize that that's a lot to some and hardly any to others.

10. One of those states was Texas. I lived there for all of 11 months in 1984-1985. I still say ya'll pretty regularly and when I get a little liquor in me, "fixin' to" has been known to pass my lips. Eleven months! Over twenty years ago! And the influence is still there. That is one strong-ass accent. Don't mess with Texas.

11. I cry every time the curtain opens on a show. Whether it's a Broadway show or a rock concert or a high school production; a ballet or the opera; you name it - that moment - that split second before the show starts - when all the anticipation is over - I get a big ole lump in my throat and am usually glad that that moment coincides with the lights going down. Because I am a big fat theater wuss. I've even had that reaction to long awaited movies and two or three times to TRAILERS for long awaited movies. Go ahead. Call me a cry-baby. It will only make me think of Johnny Depp.

12. My husband fixes my coffee for me every weekend and vacation morning - basically whenever I'm awake when he gets up. He brings it to me wherever I am. It is such a small gesture, but so very sweet.

13. I do not feel as old as I am and when my body reminds me, I get really pissed.

Well, there you go. Thirteen things. Brevity is not a stronghold, apparently. But that's something you probably already knew.

Now to tag three folks who haven't been recently tagged with this or something similar...

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Cassie at Eug
Mama-face at Blog Ignoramus

No obligation, guys, but if you choose to participate, I'll sure be reading!


Debbie said...

Great facts. I love your middle name! And I am constantly amazed at how old I really am:)

Pam said...

I'm so glad you decided to play. I LOVE all your reveals. I like you more and more every day TammyLu! If we lived near each other, I just know we'd be good friends.

OK, LOVE Cat Stevens. I totally "get" crying at theater. I sobbed OUT LOUD during a very quiet moment in Billy Elliott. And I don't feel as old as I am, either. Sometimes I catch my reflection and I think to myself "when did my grandmother move into my body and, more importantly, when is she leaving". YIKES!

Tammy Howard said...

Pam, I'm sure you're right. And then I could have the book club I so desperately want, too.

Alex the Girl said...

I love Cat Stevens, and that is one of my favorite that you have posted. The other is the one I can never remember but starts with "Morning has broken, like the first morning." That one gets to me every time.

Song that makes me cry EVERY time I hear it no matter where I am is "The Little Drummer Boy."

I'm so glad you played and that Pam tagged you! I can't believe I left you out of mine

ha ha, your word verification wants to "impech" me.

carma said...

nice list! I've been known to occasionally consult the dream dictionary on the internets as well..
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you enjoyed the cheesiness :D

Anonymous said...

That was a ton of fun. And I learned so much. Your love of Barry Manilow seriously made me smile...I am a rock n'roll girl, but I have an insane love of John Denver, who I did see in concert.

I am an "odd-times" crybaby too. I cry everytime the play the National Anthem on TV during a football game. And randomly at church for no apparent reason. Other times too...I am an odd duck.

Gibby said...

You are so funny! Love all the facts, especially the Barry Manilow one. Oh yeah, and number 13.

Swine said...

You remind me, I live in a shell...

But this post in particular? A true blue spectacle. A miracle — if you will — a miracle come true.

You right the blogs that make the — I could do this all night.

Even now, Tammy, I'm sure you won't be offended if I close with:

Smell the Glove.

Swine said...

Frak! Frak! You know that's what I get for trying to be clever. I meant to say "You WRITE the blog" rather than "You right the blog."

Oh, Tammy, you came and you gave without takin...

And I let you down.

This blog of yours, it's gonna shine, shine, shine... All around the world.

Okay, that's it. No more whiskey. I'll drink myself half blind.

Tammy Howard said...

Swine, you know your way around some Barry Manilow... I see karaoke in our future because, as you already know, I can't smile without you...

(um, just kidding about the karoake, BTW. Don't sign us up or anything...)

Swine said...

August 2001
York, Pennsylvania
some goll dang trucker bar
Song: Copacabana

Not looking to relive the moment.

Tammy Howard said...

Oh, for the love of all things holy please tell me there's video...

Swine said...

There is indeed a god — at least in my world — cause there ain't no video.