Sunday, January 17, 2010

Etiquette 101

"What's a hobknocker?" asked my thirteen year old daughter as she returned from the restroom to our table at a local pizza joint.


"A hobknocker."

"Not completely sure, why?"

"Well, when I was in the ladies' room, there was a lady in the next stall on her cell phone (which, by the way, ew) and when I flushed she said, 'excuse me - the hobknocker in the next stall just flushed.'"

Well, we thought this was particularly rude on several levels, but didn't think it was worth making an issue of. (Until I came home and looked up hobknocker on urban dictionary. Now I'm pissed.) A few moments later a woman who had about twenty years on me walked out of the restroom.

"It must've been her", said my daughter.

"No way", we responded, laughing. This was a sweet little old lady we were looking at. A sweet little old lady with a cell phone in her hand. A sweet little old lady with a cell phone in her hand who joined her grandson at her table. A sweet little old lady who was the only person to walk out of the ladies' room in a ten minute span of time.


Now who's the hobknocker?

My daughter is thirteen. She's kind of heard it all. And it has been brought to my attention that David Archuletta was referred to as a hobknocker on a recent episode of iCarly. You know. The show whose target demographic is - well - REALLY young.

That's not cool.

But it's even less cool for a grandmother to use it to refer to a little girl in a bathroom stall while using a stall herself while talking on the phone.

What a world, what a hobknocking world.


Liz Mays said...

What???? I can't believe that lady used that terminology! What a hobknocker!

Unknown said...

for some reason, I couldn't get your post to upload! I tried 3 times. I'll try again tomorrow!

Linda said...

Rude, very very rude!

Unknown said...

Ok yeah I had to highlight the whole post to read it so I don't know what's up with that.. Seriously though she called her a hobknocker..for flushign a toilet?? cause she was on her cell phone.. ummyeah..

Pam said...

I think she's the hobknocker for using her cellphone while in a toilet stall! And then expecting everyone else to be quiet because she's on the phone! We can only hope that she drops her beloved phone in the loo one of these days. Karma, baby!

Unknown said...

I couldn't get it to come up on your blog either, it's all black.
But I went to comments and brought it up.
hobknocker? really...........and talking on your phone in the toilet....nasty!

Jenn said...

Ewww! She should really watch it because one time it won't be an innocent 13 year old and then she'll have to tell her firend that some "hobknowcker" just started a fight in the Ladies' Room. Who talks on their cell in the bathroom anyway?! Gross. A million times gross.

Unknown said...

I admit I had to look up the definition and was quite stunned with what I read. Seriously, take your phone to the toilet, talking while you're peeing and doing who knows what else and you have the audacity to call this child, who was minding her own business, a vile and loathsome name because her flushing interrupted your conversation? Let me guess, the person to whom you were speaking had no idea you were on the pot and the flush was a dead giveaway! Serves you right you foul mouthed granny!

Whew! There. I feel much better now.

Mandy said...

Wow! That is just wrong on so many levels!

p.s. - I'm really glad that neither of my grandmothers have cell phones. I could only imagine the conversations that would transpire.... "my dentures are out of line...." "that old lady next to me just cut me off...." etc. etc.

Mandy said...

Oh and P.p.s - I have been having trouble with your site too??? Everything is black and I have to highlight the words in order to read them. Weird!

Badass Geek said...

Incredible. I hope the next time ol' Grannie is on the can... "multitasking"... she drops the damn thing in the bowl.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Apparently she needed to look in the mirror to see what a real hobknocker is! ;)

Sandy said...

I had no idea what a hobknocker is. That's just rude. And using a cell phone in a public bathroom, any bathroom for that matter, ewwww.